Bit o’ Honey — Halloween is over, but the super-sweet treats keep on coming

Because it was Homecoming on Saturday, the Spirit Squad did not don Halloween costumes this year.  I was disappointed, after loving the previous year’s Disney Princesses and Football jerseys with black stretch pants.  The Cheer Squad’s Princess outfits were so festive and colorful, and evocative of happy times, fun stories, and childhood memories, while the Dance Team’s black “tights” allowed me for the first time, to show uncropped kick shots, which best illustrate how limber, athletic, and synchronized those girls are.

But even without the special costumes, all these girls are charming Princesses to me, and they always will be, so there was no time to lament on Saturday, and no need to.  Instead, I kept the camera clicking, taking a total of 962 pictures, a new personal record for me for a Football game, greatly surpassed only by the 1777 I took at one of the Cheerleader Auditions a few years back.  And because the girls of the UCLA Spirit Squad are so beautiful and so photogenic, I have enough good shots from Saturday to post photos for a long, long time, that could have you living happily ever after.  Today, we’ll start with my favorite 20 that didn’t get posted the day after the game.

Between the photospread on Sunday and today’s collection, I believe that every girl is represented at least once, with the exception of Kali, who I did not see on Saturday (I sincerely hope that she’s okay).  Also included today once again is Roxanne, a former Cheer Squad member who is now concentrating on academics.  And as you view today’s set, you will notice a high concentration of Michelle pics — That’s because I hadn’t gotten or posted many shots of her in the past, so a request came in to please feature more of her… and of course, it’s my pleasure to do so.  And I’m certain that it will be YOUR pleasure to view them, and all the others.


2 responses to “SUGAR RUSH”

  1. Robert Avatar

    Hey T-H do you consider Michelle from the cheer squad the new Darling of the spirit squads, like I do?

    [T-H’s Note: Michelle is on the Dance Team, not the Cheer Squad, and I think every girl on both units is a darling. I can’t play favorites. And lately, the nicer a girl is to me in person, the more beauty I see in her, and one girl (and her mom) have been more friendly to me than all the others combined, so she is my new favorite (but I don’t want to single anyone out here by name)].

  2. BL Avatar

    Enjoying the pictures. Thanks!