Sometimes, you just can’t smile.  But it’s okay — This Squad is the Best in going from zero to sixty “Smiles per hour”

No Nirvana for “Collison Chains,” as steaming hot D-C gets D-Caffeinated by Huskies, and Bruins lose their Buzz, 71-61

No Apologies necessary from Darren Collison, The Man in the Box, who was the previous game’s MVP, but DC had one of the worst games of his career on Sunday.  Darren just avoided being called “Collar-son,” when his ONLY MADE SHOT of the day went through the hoop with a few minutes remaining.

It was a big 3-pointer that kept the Bruins alive, but it’s all Darren could muster to make up for his EIGHT Turnovers, SEVEN missed shots, Technical Foul, and frequent Defensive lapses that allowed his man clear paths to the basket. 

There is no reason to panic over Darren’s off-day.  It happens to everyone, even the Best Point Guard in the Nation.  But on the Road, after an emotional victory, and playing without injured Starter Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, getting nothing from Collison was just too much to overcome.

The Huskies smothered Kevin Love, and held the Bruins to 34% shooting.  No Bruin who took more than two shots, shot over 50%, and as a team, they went 1-16 from behind the arc (with the only make being Collison’s).  Nikola Dragovic missed all four of his shots, and James Keefe and Lorenzo Mata-Real also added very little, as the Washington bench badly outscored the Bruins’  reserves, and exposed the Bruins as a very ordinary team without Luc to solidify the Defense, and without Collison on his game.


Now, turning to someone who is NEVER OFF HER GAME, here are a dozen photos of one of the most-requested and most-complimented students of the Spirit Squad (and this is true for the last several years).  We hope she’s not mad that we used a couple where she isn’t smiling [In general, we aren’t supposed to show tongues, frowns, or undergarments], but we felt it was necessary to convey the post-loss mood, before we launched into such a joy-bringing pictorial (and it’s not like she doesn’t still “glow” when she’s looking serious for a split-second!).  

No matter what,  it’s a great way to take your mind off the game.dev035kr











Hasta la Vista, Sports fans!




  1. John Avatar

    Kristin is my favorite by far! Thanks T-H.

  2. Peter Avatar

    There is a God! Thank you for fulfilling my request(s).
    These girls are HOT! It eases the pain after that bad lost.

  3. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    I would love to know what Kristin and Katie were looking at, they looked pretty disgusted by what they are seeing, maybe it was the trojan mascot.

  4. t-h Avatar

    Dear Robert —

    They just stopped smiling for a split-second. It wasn’t their fault. They were probably looking at some jerk with a camera, rudely getting in their faces.

  5. Jaimie Avatar

    Thanks for the pictures. I’ve been coming to this site for about 3 years now and Kristin has been my favorite since I first visited here.

  6. JP Avatar

    She kinda resembles Jessica Alba in some shots.

  7. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    You’re probably right, it’s too bad that sometimes WE the fans snapping shots, can’t be a little more discrete about it. Overall I think the girls handle themselves unbelievably well considering, they’re out there at the Rose Bowl all day having to smile and sometimes with temperature over 100 degrees and having to deal with rude jerks that have had too many coronas and Red Bull with Vodka, yet still take the time to pose for a picture with the fans. They truly are classy and we’re blessed to have them.

  8. JT Avatar

    fantasic… She is a amazing

    thanks t-h

  9. pkbruin Avatar

    she is one of the best of all time for sure. even more stunning in real life. hey t-h, why no mention of that cheap shot that Aboya took to the face? I thought that was absolutely classless and I’m surprised that the Bruin nation isn’t more pissed off about it. The NCAA should outlaw that maneuver when it’s directed at the face, or someones gonna break an orbital socket and lose their vision.

  10. t-h Avatar

    Dear pk —

    You’re right. We should have launched into a tirade about the assault on Aboya. It was one of the scuzziest bb moves ever, outside of trojanland. Some fans have already written letters to the Pac-10, complaining about it.

    Too bad the Bruins probably won’t get to play them one more time this year. The payback would be sweet, and we don’t mean on the scoreboard.

  11. Rick Avatar

    Actually, we might get to play them once more, in the Pac 10 tourney, if they’re able to sneak into 8th place. Unfortunately, too much time will have passed by then to justify what would have been the proper response at the moment: Aboya should have absolutely gone Kermit Washington on his ass and left Morrison to enlist the help of Rudy Tomjanovich’s medical team and/or a Lorenzo Romar prayer vigil.
    There was ZERO excuse for such a flagrant act by Morrison (it’s a miracle he didn’t re-break the bone in Aboya’s previously injured face), and the officials’ continued justification of no call is an embarrassment to the entire sport! We’ll have to be satisfied with a thorough athletic thrashing of the “dawgs” in our next meeting for revenge, however, to avoid any costly suspensions. Hopefully the victory will include at least one Aboya dunk-facial of his own.
    In the meantime, I expect,and can’t wait, to see the Bruins take out every bit of their frustration on $c. Let’s stomp those punks but good!

  12. JP Avatar

    t-h, who’s your favorite girl? Lol. Surely YOU have a favorite too.

    [Editor’s Note: Yup. We have a favorite. But it has nothing to do with looks, and everything to do with our personal interaction with that individual. We’ve actually had a little communication with a few squad members – all positive experiences – but one was more prolonged, and the girl was as sweet as could be. But we can’t tell you which girl, as we don’t think that would be very cool.

    As far as picking a favorite just based on looks, well, we can’t do that either, because we don’t want to give all the others an extra reason to dislike us. The whole point is — We cannot create a “competition” where none exists.]

  13. JP Avatar

    Such a diplomat you are, t-h. I’m glad they’re as sweet as they are in these pictures.

  14. RR Avatar

    I found it, the Kristin tribute 😀
    First couple pics are funny though. Looks like some dude asked them to pose nekkid or something haha