Pete “Sgt. Schultz” Carroll swears he “knew NOTHING!!”

Heritage Hall-ucinations:  Despite the overwhelming evidence, Carroll, like both O.J.’s, still denies wrongdoing;  Meanwhile, Bush is writing a book called “If I Did It,” and Garrett won’t rest until he finds “the REAL violators”

On a day where Big Baby Davis was the unexpected hero in the Celtics’  Series-evening Game 4 win over the Lakers, the Big Babies who call themselves trojans were crying all day long, over the NCAA Sanctions that were handed down officially.  The only change from the previously-leaked info is that the scholarship-reduction is 30, not 20, so, 30 scholies, plus the vacation of 14 wins, plus the two-year Bowl Ban is the crux of the official penalty, as outlined in a lengthy report made public by the NCAA on Thursday.

The report mentions specific photographic evidence that ties Assistant Coach Todd McNair to the Bush-Marketers, and used the ultra-descriptive phrase “Lack of Institutional Control” in chastising the usc athletic department.  It said that usc violated the very essence of Amateurism, by paying athletes, and using unethical inducements to get them to come to South Central in the first place,

The report doesn’t mention any of the Rape accusations, Prostitution arrests, or Steroid Abusers.  It didn’t even mention Joe McKnight’s illegal SUV or the ensuing cover-up.  Instead, it just focuses on Reggie Bush, the Bush Agents, and O.J. Mayo.  And just from those two cases, the NCAA turned up so much corruption and deceit, that it could comfortably declare Lack of Institutional Control.  They cited how McNair’s story did not match the evidence, and they also cited the Lack of Cooperation by the trojan players.  In other words, it was sc’s arrogant attitude about the investigation that caused the penalties to be more than just a slap on the wrist.  In the Press I have seen “Hammered,” “Thrown the book at them,” and “Dark Day for trojan fans.”  The overwhelming feeling in the Media is that the penalties were severe.  I disagree and so do many others:  The Times’ poll right now has “Too Lenient” as a runaway leader.

Yet here comes the trojan bullsh!t brigade.  First, Reggie Bush releases a statement that he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s disappointed in the desision, and he will cooperate with the Appeal process just like he did with the original investigation.  WHAT??  We already know from the Report that he REFUSED to cooperate during the original investigation.  So was that Reggie’s sleazy way of telling trojan fans that he has no intention of coming clean during the Appeal, either? 

Then, Pete Carroll releases an unconvincing video on Youtube, saying that he is SHOCKED by the completely undeserved sanctions.  He said that he had NO IDEA that serious penalties would be levied against the trojans.  Then he said that he had NO IDEA that Reggie was riding an illegal gravy train.  I’m not sure which one of those statements is the bigger load:  The one that is contradicted by the circumstantial evidence of his sudden flight to the lowly, history-lacking Seattle Seahawks (after annually turning down better offers), or the one that is contradicted by the NCAA’s hard evidence.   

The Official USC reaction, delivered by Todd DICKEY, echoed a Carrol sentiment when Dickey whined that it’s too hard to keep the Agents away from the Players.  Hmmm.  Let me think about this one…   How about NOT INVITING THEM to hang out on the Sidelines and in the Locker Room?  How about NOT ADVERTISING to recruits that USC was where all the NFL Agents could be captured?  How about recruiting student-athletes with an iota of CHARACTER?  How much Integrity does it take, to NOT cost your own school two years of Post-Season Play?  Too hard?  Yeah, if you are u$c.

I think there are two National idiots out there claiming that Bush deserves to keep his Heisman.  Yeah, just write up the rules as you go along.  Here are the FACTS:  BUSH WAS INELIGIBLE, and therefore not eligible to win the Heisman.  I don’t care if he gained 5000 yards — He just cost his school MILLIONS of Dollars (in Bowl Revenues), and cost his teammates the ability to talk about their “glory” without it all being completely TAINTED.  Is that the kind of guy who deserves to be recognized as the “Best” Player in the Country?  A guy who singlehandedly made them lose every game for the whole season?  Now we’ll find out if the NY Downtown Athletic Club has any Integrity at all.

The BCS has already decided to pull sc’s tainted crown, as soon as their Appeal is denied.  The rules of Appeals are very strict, and it seems like the trojans would need to fabricate evidence that refutes the photos already in evidence to get their Appeal considered.  Apparently, the last 4 Appeals have gone FLAT.  Not one sanction was rescinded in those four attempts.  But sc is in complete denial, still acting like they didn’t do anything wrong.  So, they will appeal, drawing out the penalties and the uncertainty, hopefully damaging Recruiting for a much longer period of time.  Because, so far, NO recruits or Upperclassmen have jumped overboard yet.  Maybe it just hasn’t registered in their “brains.”  Or maybe, they couldn’t find anyone to read the report to them.

This is an epic case of Mass Denial.  The NCAA took 4 years of meticulous investigating, and felt it necessary — despite immense financial losses for its members — to deliver their stiffest punishment in over two decades… yet trojan fans still think that usc is a completely innocent victim, cursed by the jealousy of other institutions as well as of the governing body to which they are supposed to belong.  These are definitely the same people who don’t think O.J. is a double-murderer, and wear his jersey to the Coliseum, where his gigantic replica jersey still get displayed proudly. 

There is one more consensus opinion in the Media that I’m not sold on:  They seem to think that these scholarship limitations are going to be painful.  They mention depth issues, especially in a few years, and resulting stamina concerns.  I still disagree.  First of all, since when is Stamina a problem at Ting U?  They have Hancock Concoctions and Cushing Cocktails — I’m sure they can come up with something shaken not stirred for stamina… Especially since the NCAA didn’t include the Drug Labs in their little tour.  Brandon Hancock was actually on TV in L.A., after the Laker game — How ironic and SYMBOLIC that the ex-trojan proclaiming their victimization as grossly-unfair persecution is also the reputed Poster Boy for Steroids?

Even if the performance-enhancing drugs can’t make up for the loss of free rides, the trojan machine will find another way… like getting talented walk-ons with the guarantee of future financial support… or did you think Lane Kiffin was above that sort of thing?  Think about “The Blind Side.”  The trojans will soon be scouring the Inner City Adoption Agencies, looking for Interior Linemen who need a good home.

There is nothing TOO LOW.  They will do ANYTHING to win.  That is the whole point of the University, and a few little sanctions aren’t going to change that.  Sure, the NCAA will be watching closer, but that just means that the trojans will be more devious.  It’s interesting to see all these articles popping up now, even on ESPN and in the Times, that lament the tragic state of corruption that has a tight grasp on the trojan program.  Why is it interesting?  Because you were reading all that exact same stuff HERE, many years ago.  Welcome to the Party, ESPN.


Many people are clamoring for me to make a t-shirt to commemorate this momentous occasion, where sc was finally proven as blatant cheaters, but until I think of something that I convince myself is clever, there is an alternative.  My friend Bob the Bruin is selling $12 Cheat On T-shirts… and the $12 includes shipping.  Good Deal.  My shirts will be more expensive.  He’s a good guy, and just a Bruin fan, not a big corporation, so feel free to send $12 his way.  I don’t get a cut, but I do get the satisfaction of helping out a nice guy who bleeds blue and gold.  I’d rather have a cut, but I’ll just have to come up with something better.  I wouldn’t hold my breath.

A t-shirt whose time has finally come!



  1. Ken S. Avatar
    Ken S.

    This has certainly been a (cardinal) red letter day! For years I’ve been telling people that U$Cum is a dirty program and that Pete (The Cheat) Carroll was the ringleader. There was no way he could build the TrOJans up that quickly without some dirty dealings.

    Thanks to you for also providing a voice. I’ve stated a few times that although I’m not a big UCLA fan, I do like them (but my heart belongs to Iowa). But after living in LA LA Land–which I now consider my hometown, for several years, I grew very fond of the Bruins and an utter hatred for all things in South Central.

    Hey, all my $C friends, whom I still love and admire, now won’t talk to me about this despite knowing I was right all along. And I’m not gloating about it either, but it appears they don’t want to take any chances.

    Cheers. Now on to the World Cup!

  2. Robert Avatar

    I love it!! funny to see Pete Carroll act so stupid on the video, pretending he knew nothing about it…what a lying prick. What the hell is the deal with some of these Bruin idiots that want to be politically correct like Don McClain saying the penalty was too harsh?! what an idiot he is.

  3. Impgard Avatar

    Yeah and there are some Trojan fans that still believe OJ (Simpson) is innocent. Great article that highlights the colossal arrogance and hubris of the Trojans, some of whom are responsible for creating the win at all cost environment at Heritage Hall that has led to these NCAA violations.

    USC got what they deserved. Clearly, its a program that’s out of control and has sold it soul to win football games. What a thoroughly corrupt organization, USC.

    Does anyone really believe that they will keep their noses clean for five years? Death penalty here you come, Trojies.

  4. Jake Avatar

    Of course Carol is going to deny everything. I mean did you expect him to be truthful haha. I still think there are some SEC schools doing the same.

  5. D. Buck Stopshere Avatar
    D. Buck Stopshere

    USC’s entire argument is that they cannot control players, parents and agents, therefore the Bush issue with Lloyd Lake, Reggie and his father in law is not on them.

    But just for a minute, forget about Lloyd Lake and Reggie’s father in law.

    On page 30 & 31 of the NCAA report, The NCAA states that the head coach (Carroll) approached a Sports marketing agent (Ornstein) and convinced him to start an internship program for football athletes. Now, wouldn’t you think a head coach would know enough to ask his compliance office first? But no, Pete approached the agent first and had the agent go through USC compliance for approval, which. astonishingly, he received..

    In my mind, this exposes the bad faith within the authority figures of the whole program. Carroll should have checked with his bosses and USC compliance FIRST. Furthermore, the compliance department knew this was supposed to become an ONGOING program with Ornstein’s firm. That would be a huge benefit to Pete Carroll in taking care of future major stars and Ornstein would become the Miami version of Dre Rozenhaus. Huuuuuge extra dollars for Ornstein and perhaps, Carroll. USC could have easily looked into Ornstein’s background and seen this was a very, very, very bad idea for the University to give their stamp of approval. They also could have asked for a ruling or opinion from the NCAA, but they chose not to do that. They opted for the approach of “Its easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

    I have no doubt that Reggie Bush, His Father in law and Lloyd Lake are no Mensa candidates, and that USC can’t control every greedy player, but this situation with Ornstein’s firm can be laid right at the feet of Pete Carroll and the head of USC Compliance, who get paid a lot to know better. That’s is most definitely on USC.

    Once Ornstein started putting money into this kids pockets, that meant someone’s agent of choice was going to end up getting jilted, either Ornstein or Lake. Reggie was delivered up to these two separate and competing agents by his father in law and Pete Carroll like pimps deliver a hooker.

    Imagine if Reggie’s family hadn’t started taking money from Lake. The Pete Carroll would still have his internship program with Ornstein, who clearly paid Bush and his family. All this condoned and signed off on by USC compliance.

    Tell me that ain’t crooked x100

  6. Neal Avatar

    The University of Spoiled Children got what they deserved. I am a Penn State grad and watching the Nittany Lions lose in the Rose Bowl two years ago to an undisciplined, classless (and well paid) team was painful. But not as painful as what’s happening to the SC football program.

  7. BL Avatar

    This is great! They sooo deserve it!