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“Reble” without a clue — Just when you thought ex-trojan Nick Young couldn’t be any stupider, he tries to get a giant back tattoo that reads “BORN REBLE”

When a Rap Star has to correct your spelling, you know you’re a trojan.

Current Los Angeles Laker and former trojan Nick Young has been a laughingstock of Pop Culture for a few months, after two humiliating recent incidents — not to mention his horrid play on the court that helped sink the Lakers to their worst season ever.  But apparently, getting caught making disgusting sexual gestures at a woman and her mother at a Hollywood intersection, and getting outed for basically saying he wanted to cheat on his fiancé, was just not enough for him.

This week, he decided to get a tattoo covering his entire upper back, with the words “BORN REBEL.”  Unfortunately for Nick, he attended u$c, where knowing how to write or spell is purely optional.  Thus, when he instructed the tattoo artist what to ink, the word rebel was outlined as “REBLE.”

This incident marks the third time a trojan (or wannabe-trojan) athlete has been caught making a big typo in Life — Once a trojan had his mother’s name spelled wrong (“Mable” instead of “Mabel”) in a tattoo, and another time, a trojan recruit was excited about becoming a “trogan,” as he wrote on social media.

Luckily for the apparently semi-literate Young, his fiancé — Rap Star Iggy Azalea — walked in on him before the tattoo was actually needled into his skin.  She took a photo of the planned tattoo which was just DRAWN on his back, posted it on social media, then informed him that it was spelled incorrectly.

She should have let him get the misspelled one.  That would have been good payback for what he did to her — Admitting on a LEAKED recording that the only reason he hasn’t cheated on her with one particular girl is that this girl KNOWS IGGY personally, so he would be doomed to get caught.  This implies that he cheats on her routinely with women who DON’T know her personally.  Perhaps Iggy has no self-esteem, because she let him slide on that, and still stopped him from branding himself with a REBLE tattoo.  I would say she just loves his NBA contract, but as a successful recording artist, she doesn’t need his money.  Maybe she is simply just attracted to scumbags who sexually harass random women at stoplights, cheat on their future brides, and are functional illiterates.  Maybe after they get married (on TMZ) and divorced (on Divorce Court), she will say that she has “No REGERTS.”

P.S.  Congratulations to Bruin Kenny Clark, for getting selected in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers.  His UCLA teammate Myles Jack did NOT get selected yet, due to rumors of a knee injury that will require surgery.  Even if that rumor is true, whoever takes the gamble on him will be getting a steal, and the rewards will far outweigh the risk.  I hope it isn’t Seattle.


"SLIP OF THE YOUNG" was published on April 29th, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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