All Hale Kobe Bryant, Trevor Ariza, and the Lakers’ fearless crew, as they cast away the Nuggets 119-92, and look to avoid a re-run of last season’s un-comedic NBA Finals Series Finale

The next one’s for the Whole Ma-gilla(gan).  Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Gilles?

The Lakers’ tiny ship was tossed, but not only does Professor Phil Jackson know how to build a radio out of two coconuts;  He can also fix a hole in a boat.

The Lakers’ Cruise Ship to the NBA Title was taking on water as they struggled with Utah, Houston, and now Denver, but the Millionaire Movie Star Kobe Bryant was able to gingerly rally the troops and fight off the headhunters.  In fact, the domination was so complete, that Game 6 became “a three-hour bore.  A three-hour bore.”  But winning a THIRD straight series was still a Howell for which Laker fans have been Thurston.

After Lamar Odom — kind of the “Maryann” of the group — overcame his debilitating injury to help give the Lakers Game 5, the start of Game 6 belonged to Trevor Ariza.  The Bruin led all scorers in the 1st quarter, where he tallied 10 of his 17 points, and the Lakers got off to a solid beginning, taking a 25-20 lead.  The Nuggets made a run, but the Lakers countered quickly, to lead by 13 at the Half.  In the 3rd, Pau Gasol (and Odom again) stepped up, and the Lakers put Denver away.  Luke “Lovey” Walton also had a nice game.

Of course, Kobe Bryant was the Skipper and MVP, with his 10 Assists being just as important as his 35 points.  But without Trevor, Kobe would be preparing for Game 7, instead of waiting for the Orlando-Cleveland series to end.

As for Jordan Farmar, he came in and immediately notched 2 Assists in a minute, but then didn’t do much else for the rest of the game.  Regardless, Farmar is now entering his 3rd “Final” in 4 years, if you count the NCAA Final that he played WELL in, while still playing for UCLA.  And this time, he is in the best position yet to actually be on the winning side… especially if Ariza keeps performing the way he has throughout the Postseason.  And with Derek Fisher still struggling and Shannon Brown not impressing as much as he was earlier, Farmar could play a major role in MAKING SURE that he is on the winning side… thus rescuing Laker fans from being stranded for 5 years after the tragic shipwreck of the S.S. Payton-Malone. 



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