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Driving it into the end zone — Ex-trojan Tight End Bryce Dixon, who had previously gotten in trouble for sexual misconduct, is now in jail for suspicion of carjacking and/or a series of robberies

All’s well that ends well?  Bryce Dixon was a hotshot trojan Tight End, when he got embroiled in a campus sex SCandal.  Two of them, actually, with the same girl.  He got kicked off the team, and thrown out of school.  Then he sued the school, and got back in.  Now he’s in jail, where he may be more at home, considering that sexual misconduct is often the norm in prison.

This time, unwanted sexual advances are not the issue.  This time, it’s the unwanted commandeering of someone else’s vehicle.  Apparently, this guy likes to touch things with headlights, that don’t belong to him.  Is this the trojan culture of entitlement at work?  Why do so many trojans get busted for assuming they can do anything they want?  I wonder.

Dixon was picked up during an investigation of a series of robberies, and is now being held for suspicion of carjacking.  Bail is set at $100,000.  Let’s see if the trojan machine that usually saves their athletes from their inevitable legal trouble kicks into gear this time, for a player that is actually suing the school, over the way they handled the alleged sexual “assaults.”  Doubtful.  I guess someone should have told Dixon to not be a Dick, Son.

"SEE USC’S DIXON. SEE DIXON GET BUSTED FOR CARJACKING. DON’T BE A DIXON" was published on January 21st, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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