The Daily trOJan is reporting that the totally unqualified ex-trojan Rocky Seto will be UCLA’s next Defensive Coordinator — Hopefully, it’s just a SCam to hurt the Bruins’ recruiting, on the eve of National Signing Day

Would such a respected bastion of Journalism like the Daily Trojan stoop to such SCuzzy depths?  Is all fair in love and war and rivalry?  The DT has Tweeted that former trojan player and TWELVE-year sc Assistant Rocky Seto will be announced as UCLA’s Defensive Coordinator tomorrow.  But is it true?  As of this posting, there is no corroboration from ESPN or Inside UCLA.  So could it be a hoax?  A slimy attempt to scare away recruits from UCLA?  I certainly wouldn’t put it past them, and more importantly, it would probably work.

Any recruit that looks into Seto’s list of qualifications will run away from Westwood, doing a 4.5 40.  Seto went to the Seattle Seahawks last year with Pete the Cheat, but NOT as Carroll’s Defensive Coordinator.  He was in charge of “Quality Control,” and then shifted to an Assistant whose job was to ASSIST in the Coaching of the Secondary.  Seto was Carroll’s D.C. in 2009, Carroll’s worst year.  And Carroll KNEW NOT to make Seto DC in Seattle.  Seto is not neato.

Of course, MY problem with Seto goes WAY beyond his lack of ability.  Seto walked on at usc (after transferring from Junior College), and after his so-called “playing” days (mostly on the Scout Team), he went right to work for the trojans, and stayed at sc for 12 years, before sticking with Carroll in the move to the Seahawks.  In other words, Seto is completely devoid of Integrity, and doesn’t care that sc is the World Headquarters of arrogance and thuggery, and that Carroll is the clown-prince of breaking every rule in the book.  How the Hell is Seto going to preach how crucial it is to BeatSC?  Why would any Bruin listen to a SCumbag trojan, especially when he can’t possibly FEEL the hatred that so many Bruin fans have for his alma mater? 

If Neuheisel really adds this guy to the staff, there will be a HUGE change in my attitude towards the Bruins’ Head Coach.  But before I jump on the Screwheisel bandwagon, let’s wait until tomorrow, to see if this story is really true.  If it is, and Rick doesn’t shockingly steal about 10 5-Star players on Signing Day, it will be a very, very Rocky Road for him around here.  Is Seto going to follow the lead of other ex-trojans, by wiping snot on his friends (ala Sanchez), or grabbing cops’ crotches (ala Griffen), or will he go straight to Double-Murder?  Will he give envelopes of cash to players?  Will he look the other way while players get illegal benefits like pimped-out cars, diamond earrings, and HOUSES?

C’mon Neuheisel:  PLEASE don’t bring this criminal element and above-the-law mentality to UCLA.  I really thought that you were better than that.  The positive, pro-UCLA attitude of this whole site could change dramatically, in just a few hours.  And up until now, I really liked Neuheisel, and tried to support him despite absolutely pathetic results on the field.  Let’s just pray that this whole thing is just more trOJan B.S.


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  1. Chris Stockton Avatar
    Chris Stockton

    This is completely unrelated to football.I wanna talk about basketball.Tonight’s a huge game for our Bruin’s against USC. I really am looking forward to see how Josh Smith plays.It was really a nice sight to see him get a big dunk on the undersized Sun Devils. Because before that he had not been finishing well.I think we win this game if him and Zeke play well. I am pretty sure Reeves will, And hey Malcolm Lee-Tyler Honeycutt can we get some good shots????? Am i right bruin fans when i say i love when the announcer at home says 3!!!! I live in Texas and am a huge bruin fan. The game’s in 5 hours and its time pop the top on the brews..Channel your inner Jason Kapono tonight. Sorry I loved him! Lets Beat SC!!!!!!!!!!