A Fan o’ Savannah — Like Manna from Heaven, Savannah’s from Heaven, an Angelic Gift from Above

Apparently, Stephen Hawking has never met Savannah, or her fellow members of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Last week, World-renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking proclaimed that THERE IS NO HEAVEN, and that anyone who thinks there is believes in fairy tales.  So the question is: How does he explain the heavenly bodies that make up the 2010-11 UCLA Cheerleaders?

If Heaven doesn’t exist, how did we get so many angels on the head of the pin that we call Westwood?  How can you account for the golden halo that sits upon the head of Savannah, one of the returning members of the Bruin Dance Team?

No offense to the wheelchair bound, electronic-vocied genius, but I must believe in fairy tales, fractured or otherwise, because year after year, I see celestial beings performing at Bruin games.  A prime example of these Heaven-sent godesses is the focus of tonight’s pictorial:  Savannah.  Below are 29 photos that all feature her unmistakable beauty.  I hope you enjoy them, and before you comment too colorfully, please keep in mind that both of her Parents have been known to monitor this site, and if you ever come across her Dad in Pauley, he may just ask you to “step outside.”  And by the way, my captions from last year that implied that Savannah might dislike me and/or this site, were proven wrong at this year’s auditions.  Yay.




  1. SMS Avatar

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Savannah!