Only one guy had his Shipp together.

But guess who ALWAYS has got it together.

Losing (to) Isaiah:  Bruins lose 5th straight in Seattle despite a career-high 25 points from Josh Shipp;  Huskies’ Isaiah Thomas harasses UCLA for 24 points, as Washington assumes the lead in the Pac-10 with an 86-75 victory

Yes, there was a Husky disparity at the foul line.  But that is not why the Bruins lost.  UCLA lost to Washington 86-75 on Saturday, for the same reason they have struggled in several recent games:  The Offense stalls when they hit the low 50’s.  For three straight games, UCLA has played well until midway through the 2nd half, when an inexplicable scoring drought ensues.

One of the factors is that Darren Collison’s perimeter jumper is missing in action.  DC hasn’t hit a three in weeks, and it is starting to affect his confidence, and his overall game.  Jrue Holiday also missed some open jumpers.  Perhaps Jrue should try to take more advantage of his ability to penetrate to the hoop.  If Collison and Holiday would drive more, the foul disparity might start to shrink.  And getting to the line more might break up these droughts.

On Saturday, the foul situation took all the UCLA bigs out of early action.  Drew Gordon and James Keefe both had some great early Rebounds, but foul trouble forced them out, and pressed Bobo Morgan into action.  Bobo made a couple of nice plays, but also showed why he isn’t playing as much as he might have expected to.  Washington’s Jon Brockman made all the Bruin bigs look somewhat second-rate, with his strength underneath.

And to complement Brockman’s inside game, the Huskies have three Guards who all hurt the vaunted UCLA D.  Isaiah Thomas was the worst offender, scoring 24.  The Bruins needed someone — either Michael Roll or Nikola Dragovic — to join Shipp in the “hot” category, but it didn’t happen, so Washington was able to pull away late, with a 12-point run that put the game out of reach.

And speaking of out of reach…

Hey Seattle — Who needs caffeine when you’ve got scenery like we do?

Could the Bruins’ string of Pac-10 titles actually be in jeopardy?  Those Huskies are no fluke.

That picket fence has less holes than the Bruins’ late-game Of-fense lately.

Collison’s slump is like Shipp’s last year.

…but Collison’s is more unexpected.

The Bruins should be fired up for the rematch, when UW comes to Pauley.

The foul disparity should even out in Pauley.

Of course, it’s still more important to just sweep sc.

sc beat WSU on Saturday, and are only one game behind the Bruins.

Will the Bruins still be ranked in the Top 15?

At least we’ll always have the #1 Spirit Squad.



13 responses to “SAME SHIPP, DIFFERENT DAY”

  1. SCopper Avatar

    What a way to start to day. Thank you for some nice pictures of Brianna.

    [T-H’s Note: Sometimes I wonder if everyone else is invisible. How about some love for the group as a whole? This peculiar “singling out” is getting a little bothersome. However, I do appreciate the comment — It’s better than getting nothing but spam in the ol’ inbox.]

  2. Robert Avatar

    Good job as always T-H, nice pictures of everyone specially of Heather and Bridgette. The Dance team always seems to get all recognition, but the cheer squads also work just as hard, and also have an extremely talented squad. Thanks again T-H.

  3. Robert Avatar

    For the third game in a row, the Bruin did not manage the clock very well. Offensively they passed the ball too much in the long-range shot territory not looking for baseline shot opportunities. Once again they kept forcing bad shots almost at the buzzer of the shot clock, if this continues – you can say goodbye at the second round of the tournament, FACT.

  4. Rick Avatar

    Ben Howland needs to take a hint from John Wooden’s first National Championship team–when you lack size, when you have no inside game, you have to press and RUN! Why butt heads with bigger teams in a halfcourt game? No matter how tough your defense is, you are still bound to struggle, especially on the boards, against bigger front lines; and on offense, no matter how improved your 3pt shooting is, you’re
    still not going to hit a high enough percentage, over time, much less avoid the inevitable cold night that costs you a key game/TOURNAMENT. With our current advantage in quickness and depth, we should be pressing and running opponents into the ground.
    Hardnosed stubbornness will only get you so far, Ben–champions ADAPT. You’ve got the horses, let’s turn ’em loose!

    [T-H’s Note: I don’t think drastic changes are called for. I think Ben should stick to his guns. UCLA will be successful playing Howland Ball. Darren Collison will get his shot back, and will be needed 35 minutes a game. Therefore, you can’t ask him to spearhead a fullcourt press all game. And the Bruins send 5 to the glass. To go for the running game, you’d have to sacrifice that, which I wouldn’t. Would I like to see the Bruins RUN more in general, and exploit their obvious advantages in athleticism? Sure, who wouldn’t? But I don’t want to stray too far from a system that has brought the Bruins to three consecutive Final Fours.]

  5. Rick Avatar

    I don’t mean to be argumentative, but if Walt Hazzard could press for 35 minutes, so could Darren Collison.
    And while I am very appreciative of what Howland has done so far, we need to turn the next Final Four into a Banner, and I think more running might be just what his teams need to get over the top. (Especially now, with the total absence of any inside game).
    I’m sure you’d agree that the last thing anyone wants is to see any more games like Washington or ASU–so while change needn’t be drastic, it is nevertheless imperative…or else we’re certain to see more of the same.
    P.S. While I love Collison, and agree that he’ll get his shot back, relying on a guy that size to carry you in close half court game after game is just asking for trouble–last year’s Memphis game is only the most blatant example. We’ve just gotta turn them loose, to maximize their advantages, and get to the top.

    [T-H’s Note: Don’t think this team should really be expected to make another Final Four, let alone win it, and that is regardless of playing style. That was determined the day KLove declared.]

  6. Robert Avatar

    What a difference driving to the basket makes!! Bruins looked good tonight!

  7. Wharton Curbishley Avatar
    Wharton Curbishley

    Core blimey, mates! The Bruins were in a bit of a rut, but since they’ve given that California team a bit of a how’s your father, if ya know what I’m saying. You attack the rim like that, cause turnovers, and Bob’s your uncle!

    I say today the Bruins take top honors, 78-63.

  8. Johnny Avatar

    the dance and cheer team are so unbelievable! Chantel (the cheer captain) is phenomenal!

  9. Robert Avatar

    The Bruins looked unbeatable today, there is new life to this team. I loved the intensity they showed today, they played all 40 minutes of hard defense and created tons of opportunities on offense. Nice job Bruins! And all the girls looked beautiful, specially Heather and Michelle…I think the camera man like Heather. hehehe

  10. dudeguy Avatar

    It’s ok to have a comment.

  11. Wharton Curbishley Avatar
    Wharton Curbishley

    Mea culpa for me underestimation of Bruin scoring prowess, but who’s yer daddy on predicting Stanford’s score???? Spot on mates!

  12. Rick Avatar

    Imagine that.
    The more we run, the more we win.
    Who knew!

    P.S.Who needs KLove!
    (Maybe it won’t be we but he, who wishes he stayed!)

    [T-H’s Note: Nice try. Just listen to what Howland is saying — There is NO change in strategy whatsoever — It’s just that the Defensive intensity has been turned up a notch, and that is creating more fast break opportunities. And KLove is AVERAGING a Double-Double right now, as he and Westbrook are the top-rated Rookies lately. Even if the Bruins win it all this year, KLove will have no regrets.]

  13. Rick Avatar

    [Sure, why would he regret rushing off to a double-double for a midwestern also-ran, when he merely could have had the once in a lifetime opportunity to cut down the NCAA nets and raise a banner in Pauley Pavilion, which he would cherish the rest of his life…
    Stay in school, guys–Minnesota (not to mention Oklahoma City and Milwaukee) can wait!]