Honey Do!  4 pounds of sugar, 3 pounds of spice, 2 jars of honey, and a whole lotta nice

This was no chore.  Call it another labor of love, if you like, but today I schlepped to the supermarket of my “yet unposted photos,” and picked up 30 pics that feature the lovely Erin, of the UCLA Dance Team.  I am doing this as a little thank you, to someone who wrote in this week to generously share with us an update on the Dance Team’s National Competition, which took place last weekend.  As I understand it, out of the 1000 or so eligible Colleges and Universities in the whole Country, the Bruins finished 4th.  Not too shabby, a Top 5 finish in a prestigious contest of this nature, however, there must have been some East German or Russian Judge from the Ice Skating Circuit, harboring a grudge… or maybe bribed by a jealous trojan? 

Speaking of trojans, Cornhole Carson Palmer is in the news, for acting like an arrogant trojan (what else?).  Palmer is refusing to play any more for his team the Cincinnatti Bengals, whom he guided to a last -place finish last year.  Despite those worse-than-lackluster results, the team has said that he is integral to their future plans, so they will NOT trade him.  Palmer responded to that statement by claiming that he will retire before he puts on the Bengal stripes again.

No integrity, no loyalty, no desire to fulfill his contractual obligation, and no respect for the fans in the City which he has called home for over half a decade.  And that isn’t it — He went on to show a typical trojan lack of class, by announcing that he has $80 million in the bank, so he doesn’t need to play football for the money.  Only a trojan would be so CRASS as make it a point to tell the whole World how much money he’s got.  Hopefully, the Bengals will call his bluff, and Palmer’s insignificant career will end, without him ever getting anywhere in Postseason play.  The only problem is that now his annual charity event, “Carson’s Cornhole Classic,” is doomed.

And speaking of doomed, the Bruin Basketball team for next year is not doomed yet, as none of the four possible early-bailers are listed in this article, which I was requested to share with you, about the sure-bet underclassmen to enter the Draft this year.  However, Arizona’s star DID make the list: .

And now that we’ve talked a little Football, and a little Basketball, I present you with a 30-shot salute to Erin, and the UCLA Dance Team.  Enjoy, and don’t forget:  Click on the photos to enlarge them, especially the horizontal ones.


4 responses to “RUNNING SOME ERINS”

  1. dswenson Avatar

    Yes, these photos are great. Our girls are beautiful as ever. And, Carson Palmer is a typical trOJan as you stated. I couldn’t believe he had to tell us all about his bank account. How did someone so lame get so much money for being in last place? Only a trOJan could do that. What a bunch of poop!

  2. T-H Avatar

    This video was sent to me by a DAD of one of the Dance Team members. I’m not sure if he or his daughter want his identity to be revealed, so I’ll keep it a secret for now. Anyway, this video captures the UCLA Dance Team’s performance in the Competition. It took place at 10:30pm, the night of the emotionally-draining victory over Arizona, so the girls deserve even more credit than usual.

    [Please be patient, as it loads a little slowly. Also, you may need to download a FREE Quicktime update to be able to view it. It just takes a couple of moments, and it is safe, and it’s only if your computer doesn’t already have the latest version of Quicktime.]


  3. J Avatar

    Thanks for the photos and thanks to her Dad for doing a good job!

  4. JP Avatar

    Congrats to Erin and the rest of the Dance Team. We’re all very proud of them. The UCLA Dance Team has brought so much national recognition with their awesomeness to our school.