O I C U R Embree

You’ve just gotta look the other way for a while.

DOCTOR MY EYES:  Bruins can’t Stay on the winning Boulevard, and trojans Take It Easy on (Winslow) Arizona

Not such a fine sight to see — The TEASE of a Football double-header, not the Spirit photos.  First the Bruins fall apart after leading at Cal, and then the trojans escape from an underdog who hung around to the end.  At least the BCS Top 4 all survived for another week.

UCLA’s 41-20 loss in Berkeley was not unexpected, but the final score was not indicative of how the game unfolded.  It was still a one-possession game in the 4th quarter (thanks to something of a breakout day for Wide Receiver Taylor Embree,who caught 5 passes for 90 yards), when Bruin mistakes opened the floodgates for the Bears.

Now,  to take your mind off a day of getting your hopes up and then dashed, the only floodgates you care about are hereby open…

Sometimes you just have to laugh it off.

…but no matter what, you’ve got to keep smiling.

It’s not time to “take a knee” just quite yet.

…one certain upset could salvage the whole year (again).

…and the future is bright.

We can still dance for Taylor — Embree-body Dance Now..Uh, uh,…uh, uh, uh, uh…

And dance for the Lion Kings, as Penn State now looks like they should stay ahead of State Pen. in the BCS Rankings.

The Bruins may have just waved goodbye to a bowl appearance.

UCLA — #1 in the BCS (Best Cheerleader Series)

By the way, Mollie:  [said with a smile:]  The SW corner is getting gypped!!  We’re begging for more Dance Team time!

… at least at Homecomeing we had alumni to entertain us.  We don’t need More Cowbell, but we DO need more Dance Team.

At least the Bruins won’t lose THIS week.

Bruins-for-Life never lose the Spirit.  Bye-bye, now.



2 responses to “RUNNING ON EMBREE”

  1. Baldbruin1995 Avatar

    Blue and Gold kudos for keeping this train rollin’ w/ solid pics and fun stories during these tumultuous times on the grid iron. Keep up the great work! Better days are ahead for our TEAM!

  2. Robert Avatar

    I was watching the usc vs. Washington game today, and they kept showing the usc dance team, and boy are they pathetic! They have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever. If they would at least be nice to look at I guess it would tolerable but my goodness! Can you say ruff! ruff!?

    BTW, Michelle looks simply stunning as always in that picture. And may I say what a nice person she is? Beauty on the inside and the outside wow! Michelle keep up that great smile.