Ho, ho, ho:  6-year Pro RB/Returner Reggie Bush voluntarily returns his Heisman, but muffs it, by waiting until the trophy was moments away from being repo-ed, and by not taking responsibility for his (illegal) actions

First he was forced to give up his trophy wife, and now he has been forced to give up his trophy.

Due to immense public pressure and imminent repossession, Reggie Bush has announced that he is forfeiting his 2005 Heisman Trophy.  The ex-trojan becomes the first person in the 75-year History of the Award to have his name stricken from the Records — and that 75-year History includes O. J. Simpson.

It now looks like the reputable Reporters from Yahoo had it dead on, just like with their initial Bushgate stories:  The Heisman Trust was indeed meeting this month, to discuss the situation.  The conclusion was foregone, and the meeting was just a formality, and what a coincidence:  On the exact day of that meeting, Bush makes his “selfless” and “heroic” proclamation.

Bush figured that giving it back before it was snatched away would look much better from a pr perspective, and apparently, as soon as he learned of the meeting, he called the Media.  Bush should know about preemptive strikes to avoid trouble — His first Pro Coach was Pete Carroll, who apparently got out of Dodge as soon as he got wind of the impending sanctions.   

But Bush’s attempt to make himself look like a Hero and a Victim are falling flat.  It is obvious that he was just acting because he knew it was about to be taken away.  Otherwise, if he were truly remorseful and sincere, he would have come clean, apologized, and confessed to the specific violations that he knowingly committed (with sc’s full knowledge).

Instead, he is blaming everyone else but himself.  He has never said “I’m sorry” to his teammates or fans, and he has never manned up to the PROVEN allegations.  In fact, he is still calling them “allegations.”  At least he admits to making “mistakes,” but he still refuses to reveal what those were.

To push the Arrogance Needle into the Red, Bush is setting himself up as the new Marshall of Compliance for future recruits, by organizing a program to teach youngsters how to NOT do what Bush did.

With this forfeiture, Bush says that he’s glad to have this distraction behind him.  Maybe no one will be asking him to return the award any more, but the SCandal will be a part of him, for the rest of his life, no matter how many charities he starts up as a smokescreen.  It’s all about spin with Reggie, so don’t buy this return as Bush “doing the right thing.”  It’s probably just nothing more than staying one step ahead of Johnny Law.     


2 responses to “RETURNING TRICKS”

  1. Bruin848 Avatar

    “Marshall of Compliance”? Guess he will be teaching kids how not to get caught.

  2. Bruwins Avatar

    Charities? Most likely it will be only just talk just like what he did to his own alma mater at Helix High School. He setup a scholarship foundation at Helix High School and he’s never followed through with the funds. It caused two so-called scholarship recipients to have problems paying their tuition last February.