The TROJANS who never do anything ILLEGAL… unless they can get away with it, which is ALWAYS.

Bushgate mushrooms back into a pickle for usc, as Judge squashes  Cornwell’s motion to settle via confidential (no-leek) arbitration;  Instead, someone’s going to spill the beans 

If Bush is covering up something juicy, it’s about to be exposed, and oralized in Court.  Maybe.

 A San Diego Judge ruled yesterday AGAINST Reggie Bush, DENYING the motion by Bush’s Attorney David Cornwell to force an under-the-table settlement to the pending lawsuit targeting Bush.

According to the OPPOSING Lawyers, Bush was pushing for “confidential arbitration,” in order to keep all of his blatant rule-breaking secret from the NCAA.  But the Judge said that Bush has no right to do so.  She said that Lloyd Lake can proceed with his suit against Bush for $300,000, and that means Depositions for ALL involved parties in about a month.  The NCAA will be allowed to read these documents, and it will be the first corroboration that they will get, to the allegations made by Lake several months ago.  The key note speaker will be Michael Michaels, a “respected” businessman whose parternership with Lake led to all the violations.  Michaels has yet to turn “States Evidence,” but soon he will have no choice.  Well — He COULD perjure himself — OR, he could hang Reggie out to dry.

It was Michaels’ house that the Bush Parents were living in, for free.  It is being said that they had never even SEEN a lease until the usc Football Program got wise to the arrangement, and stepped in.  If Michaels confirms this, it will destroy Troy’s claim that sc didn’t know about anything nefarious.

And then there’s the Deposition of Reggie himself, and he could REALLY screw over his old school.  OR, he could perjure himself and go play for the Mean Machine.  No way he pulls a Mark McGwire (even though they both bleed cardinal & gold) and refuses to talk at all. 

So let’s say that he tells the truth — About the diamond earrings, the pimped-out Impala, the secret Mercedes, the plush condo, the San Diego house, the trips, the food, the hotels, the salary, sc’s involvement — everything.  Why not?  The NCAA can’t hurt him, and he’s mad at sc, for not inviting him to the sidelines at their last Bowl game.  So why should he risk going to jail by lying? 

Well, he’s still trying to beat the lawsuit.  Obviously, he’s furious at Lake, or he would have settled out of court with him, like he did with Michaels.  So Bush will probably say ANYTHING, just to fight Lake, and to try to keep Lake from getting one dime of his money.  Sound familiar?  It should — It’s exactly like O.J.Simpson talking about keeping all his hidden wealth out of the hands of the Goldmans.

The hope is, that after lying and then getting grilled relentlessly by the quality Lawyer that a felon like Lake would hire, Bush will just surrender, by breaking down and crying.  Then he will admit to the Court everything that he did wrong.  PLEASE GOD, LET THIS BE TELEVISED!!  After all the Simpson-like “I didn’t do anything wrong’s” (later echoed by O.J. Mayo), it will be an all-time classic Television moment, right up there with the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, the last M*A*S*H, and that guy on Carson throwing the Tomahawk and hitting the target right in the nuts.

 But the “hope” almost never comes true.  Instead, Cornwell will APPEAL this latest decision, and the case will STILL never make it to Court, and the NCAA and the public will never hear the evidence that proves that sc should get the Death Penalty, and Bush should lose his Heisman.


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