Re-FUSE to Lose

The Young and The Brainless — The Clown Prince of Stupidity Nick Young does it again, this time picking up a firework with A LIT FUSE, and holding it in his hands as it explodes, nearly blinding, maiming, and/or killing the ex-trojan

They say you don’t have to be old to be wise, but apparently, you can’t be Young.

Everyone over the age of five knows that there are certain things that you just don’t do — certain things that are just SO stupid that you would never even THINK of doing them — because they could easily be fatal.  Near the top of this list are:  Staring down the barrel of a gun, sticking a fork in a toaster, and holding a lit firework.  But that last one is exactly what ex-trojan Basketball player Nick Young did yesterday while celebrating the 4th of July.

In case you think I am making this up or exaggerating, the VIDEO of this incident is all over the internet for your enjoyment.  After the fuse of this explosive is already lit and burning down, brain surgeon Nick Young & Dumb picks it up and holds it, while it goes off in his hands.  It is a miracle that he was not injured or killed, and therefore not eligible for the 2016 Darwin Award, which goes to idiots who kill themselves by doing something overwhelmingly stupid.

This was not an isolated incident for this apparently braindead ex-trojan, who apparently did not embrace education as a “student” at u$c.  Maybe they should have enrolled him in a class that teaches basic survival skills — Skills like not jumping into the Lion’s habitat at the zoo, or running across the 405.  Young has already cemented himself into the Hall of Shame of Stupidity, by getting in trouble for lewd behavior and making sexual gestures at a woman (who campaigns against NBA players’ sexual misconduct), and her mother, in a car at an intersection, then got caught on tape talking about cheating on his fiancé  Iggy Azalea, who then left him.  And completing his four-way Imbecile Superfecta, he tried to get a tattoo that said “rebel,” but he mistakenly ordered it to be spelled “reble.”  This guy is truly the poster boy for u$c academics.

At least now we know what it means when someone says trojan basketball is really blowing up.  Or maybe Young just misunderstood after so many Laker fans this year told him to get blown.