Rally Junky:  Thanks to pulling some strings at the cabbage patch, you can now take a better peek at the pregame rally, where it’s all peak and no valley — Never a downer, even in down times

“Porcelain.”  To all you drinkers out there, that word may have a negative connotation.  But to me, it conjures up images of pristine and precious DOLLS.  Surprisingly, you don’t have to be Gay to appreciate the beauty of these atistic creations that many collectors have made a lifetime out of procuring.  But you’ll never find a better collection of perfect dolls than at the Rose Bowl, during the UCLA Football Pregame Rallies.

Even Malibu Barbie aficionado Waylon Smithers would swoon at the sight of the beauties of the UCLA Spirit Squad, who grace Pasadena about six times every Football Season (although he would definitely prefer the Men of the Cheer Squad).  And yeah, I know that Barbies are plastic not porcelain — I remember the usc Song Girls of days gone by — but the theme today is Dolls, so if I want to talk about Bratz, that would still be on-topic.

Speaking of trojans, their preferred doll now is the kind you inflate — the kind with the permanent “o-shaped” mouths — but I’d rather talk about Living Dolls, specifically the ones that Mollie collects, and displays for your enjoyment.  And thanks to the incredible kindness and hospitality of a group of long-time, super-dedicated Bruin fans, I now have a front-row center ticket for the best performances in the Nation, from here ’til eternity… without some mean, rude, evil old lady yelling at me.  And as long as I do, so do you.  Here are THIRTY stunning photos of the UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad, many taken mid-performance, from the best seats in the house.

Click on them to enlarge them.  Trust me — They look better when the pics fill your screen.  They seem to jump right out at you.  It’s the next best thing to being there… and because you can stay at home, you don’t even have to get all dolled up.

 “That’s Doll, Folks!”  For today, I me, I me, I mean.  I’ve got about 200 more all ready to share, and I will, in the days and weeks ahead.


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  1. Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.

    “Rally of the Dolls” is an understatement, I finally got a chance to chat with Roxanne she is just an awesome and delightful beautiful young lady, as nice as they come, and you can add Nikki to my favorite list of cheerleaders, she is another super nice and pleasant (besides her beauty and talent) girl. Now I know why you feature her so much, she is awesome. I hope to meet and chat to some more girls, if not at the Rose Bowl then hopefully at Pauley Pavilion. Those individual shots are breathtaking. Thank T-H for a job well done. Go Bruins!!