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Ya gotta be in it to win it.

It’s like you hit the Lotto jackpot — A dozen new shots of UCLA  Cheer ’09 — No scratching required

Coming out of a Bruin bye week, when the trojans didn’t choke to their unranked opponent, there is no article yearning to be written, to be accompanied by a collection of UCLA Spirit photos.  Maurice Jones-Drew scored 3 Touchdowns to propel Jacksonville to a victory, and the guy Pete Carroll whined wasn’t ready to leave usc became the first rookie QB in about 40 years to start a season 3-0. 

But both of these events have down sides:  Jones-Drew’s Jaguars are coached by ex-trojan Jack Del Rio, who could have been on the road to being Pete Carroll’s replacement at Fig. Tech, until the Jags held off the Texans to avoid an 0-3 start.  And in order for Carroll to be humiliated further by his former player whom he stabbed in the back, it means that Marc Sanchez has to do well in the NFL.  That’s a painful-to-endure down side.  The Jets are winning, but at least Sanchez isn’t breaking any records stats-wise.  He’s throwing Interceptions and making rookie mistakes, but he’s doing just well enough to rub Carroll’s words back in his smarmy face.

No time for further banter, just time for some photos with no down side.

All up side.

The Simpsons premeired tonight.  It started before some of these girls were born, 20 years ago!

No one should write in to point out that Craft didn’t throw any Picks this weekend.

Uh-oh — The trojan-killing Huskies lost to Stanford… and Stanford is who UCLA faces next.

To the e-mailer who likes Jenna — I’m too busy to e-mail special requests, but here are two you can right-click and download.

One more by special request.

Talkin’ about requests…

Not exactly UN-popular herself…

UCLA is the only undefeated Pac-10 Team.  What odds could you have gotten on THAT?

Cal got killed by Oregon, making both of those upcoming games question marks for UCLA.

This week, UCLA will need their best effort yet to keep riding high.

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  1. JP wrote,

    Thanks for the pics.

  2. SCopper wrote,

    Excellent pictures of all the girls, like always. Thank you.

  3. horns72 wrote,

    cute pic of chantel as “college cheerleader of the day” on

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