There is a trap for that — As #7 UCLA gets ready to face 13-point underdog Arizona State and avoid a repeat of their surprise home “trap” loss to Utah last year, it’s time for me to post my last 100 shareable cheerleader photos from the BYU game

Even if the Bruins avoid the obvious trap game loss against the Sun Devils on Saturday, they are not exactly entering virgin territory.  Even though last year, the Bruins were 4-0 when they got upset by Utah in the Rose Bowl, it was only 2 years ago that they started the season 5-0, 2-0 in Conference, as they would be with a victory over ASU this weekend.  But… if they manage to get by the Devils — who were blown out by sc last week — then UCLA would face Stanford, with a chance to really go where no recent Bruin has gone before:  To a 6-0 start, and to a victory party for a win over the Cardinal.

But first things first.  ASU won here in Pasadena 2 years ago, and should be mad and fired up after getting torched by UCLA last year and by sc last week.  So, with UCLA possibly looking ahead to nemesis Stanford, this has all the makings of a trap game.  Why do I tempt fate by contemplating a possible season-ruining loss?  The answer to that is simple:  I don’t want to do anything to ADD to the possible Bruin complacency.  The more the players think about it being a trap game, the more they will take it seriously and not look past ASU.  So talking about it being a trap game is the opposite of a self-fulfilling prophecy, I hope.

With only one day left before the next Bruin home game, I need to “purge my hard drive” of all the other semi-decent photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad from the last home game, that I haven’t published yet.  So here, in the biggest collection of photos I have ever attempted to post at once, are 99 final pics from the BYU game/rally.  By the way, with the thousands of photos I’ve posted lately, you may see some “fatal error” warnings about lack of memory when you try to access my site.  I am working on getting this issue fixed, but in the meantime, just hit refresh, or try again, and the warning should disappear.  Don’t worry — it can’t hurt your computer.  Anyway… while I deal with my 99 problems, you can enjoy these 99 photos.  And of course, out of my 99 photos and my 99 problems, a bitch ain’t 1 of them.




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    Some of your BEST EVER T-H! Thank you for all that you do for us fans, Bruins, and the great UCLA. If there’s a Top 10 Blue and Gold Bleeders, you’re in it! GO BRUINS!

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    (I don’t expect you to post this, and that’s OK, because I’m saying this with mostly tongue-in-cheek).

    Have you ever thought of changing the site name from trojan-haters.com to spirit squad-lovers.com?