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Looks like McNair’s got sc by the short hairs, so they’re offering him up as the bad apple who acted alone?

The NCAA Interrogation of Todd McNair and sc FOOTBALL gets legs and runs for two full days — kicking Floyd back — and in a close shave, a Bush deposition on March 5th WILL BE IN TIME to increase the severity of sc’s penalties, which really has trojan fans in a lather

Is the entire fate of usc Athletics really in the hands of a guy with a Dog Fighting Record?

For 10 hours on Friday and all day Thursday, the NCAA has reportedly been grilling Todd McNair and usc about the trojan Football Program.  That indicates that the NCAA has already established all the wrongdoing at sc, and is now concentrating on proving that usc knew all about it.  McNair is the alleged link between Reggie Bush’s violations and usc.  McNair was supposedly privy to the Bush’s House Deal in San Diego, as well as to their “illegal” travel to games, and lavish parties at their hotels.

The trojan machine is probably trying to distance itself from McNair, and then will claim that McNair was a maverick trojan, who might have known some things, but never divulged anything to Pete Carroll or anyone at sc.  They will try to make a SCapegoat out of him, like they already did with Basketball Coach Tim Floyd.  Or maybe McNair will go into full denial mode, and sc will support him.  But how much weight would be held by the denial of a Dog Fighting guy?  It depends on how much evidence that the NCAA has that directly implicates McNair as having first-hand knowledge of Bush’s “extra benefits.”  If they already have him dead-to-rights, maybe he’ll come clean, and completely bury southern cal.  He might, if he feels like they are throwing him under the same bus that they threw Floyd under.

Floyd could be waiting his turn to do the same thing.  He and his lawyers have been standing by, thinking they would get their turn on Friday, to clear Floyd’s name.  But the McNair Attack took all day, so Floyd will probably get his chance on Saturday.  He apparently wants to come back to college coaching, so he needs to prove himself innocent of all charges, IN THE FACE OF sc’s self-imposed sanctions, which basically imply — if not admit — Floyd’s guilt.  And the only way Floyd is going to appear not guilty, is if he shifts all the blame to Mike Garrett and the school.  If Floyd says that he was given no choice by Garrett but to cater to O.J. Mayo in any fa$hion required or get fired, he may be able to wriggle out of the position he’s in now, where no one in their right mind would hire him to coach in the NCAA.  But it would leave sc in deep, deep… trouble.

And just when you didn’t think it could get any worse for sc, it was announced today that the Bushgate deposition of Michael Michaels will take place on March 5th. in plenty of time to affect the outcome of the NCAA Sanctions of sc.  Michaels is the agent who gave the house to Reggie’s parents, and lots of other perks to Reggie, to the tune of $300K.  Bush and usc thought that they had silenced Michaels, by paying him off and forcing him to sign a confidentiality agreement.  That way, Michaels could never fill in the NCAA on all his payouts to Bush and family.  But the confidentiality clause DOES NOT APPLY to other legal proceedings, like Lloyd Lake’s lawsuit against Bush, which is still ongoing, because Lake — Michaels’ partner — didn’t take the settlement (payoff).  So Michaels will be deposed for the Lake case in 2 weeks, and all that info is FAIR GAME for the NCAA.  Bush’s lawyers tried to make it a private proceeding with sealed records, but they lost, so now every sordid detail of Bush’s violations will be in the public record.

The NCAA’s Interrogation of sc will be over before those 14 days, but they are going to take two months to hand down a punishment, and now they are expected to take into full consideration all the dirt that Michaels shovels.

Even Reggie Bush is starting to subconsciously face the music.  Yesterday he asserted that anything HE did sc should be responsible for, because “he is usc, and he represents usc.”  There is no disconnect between what Reggie did and what usc knew — Reggie IS usc — If he did it, then by definition, sc knew.  And when it comes to dirty trojan Tailbacks and “If They Did It,” well…

Reggie finally broke down and virtually admitted his wrongdoing at sc.  He implied that “when he was in college, he didn’t know, and it was [too] tough to make mature decisions.”  So what he seems to be saying is that he made a slew of immature decisions while at sc, like hooking up with two different Pro Agents, accepting cash, cars, diamonds, and free rent for his Parents, all the while not caring about what would happen to usc.  Now, of course, he is remorseful, and says that he’ll do ANYTHING to protect usc.  “Anything?”  I guess anything includes lying through his teeth, still denying the mountains of evidence and eye-witness accounts.  He and O.J. Mayo both claim that they are trojans for life, and it looks like they are two of the most desrving people ever to claim that title, as they just used usc for the exposure and money, leaving years of sanctions in their wake.  And by the way, neither one came to the Interrogation.  Perhaps they were out trying to find “the real violators.” 

"PROBE OF McNAIR’S NOT SHORT-SHORT" was published on February 20th, 2010 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. JosephineBruin wrote,

    love that it’s on the THIRD day and hopefully they’ll need more days to go through the pile of transgressions.
    looks like they’re on the correct trail going after mcnair and floyd…..TIMMEH!! tell it TIMMEH!!!
    love that lame-o-kitten is there taking notes as to how he can get away with future stuff. no wonder mcnair is one of 2 assts still on staff. they’re probably telling him to say nothing and he’ll keep his j o b .

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