Trojan Tight End Junior Pomee gets busted on 5 FELONY counts including Burglary, Grand Theft and Receiving Stolen Goods

As the trojans continue to tumble down the Recruiting Rankings, one of their skill players just tumbled down the ladder of life, as Junior Pomee got arrested last week on five felony counts.

Pomee is pleading Not Guilty — as all trOJans do — and was released on $110,000 bail, but he will not be calling his lawyer on the stolen iPhone 5 with which he was busted.  He also was in possession of a stolen iPad and an iPad Mini.  Looks like the “Apple” didn’t fall far from the trojan tree.  Pomee was arrested at a fraternity house, where ironically, he was probably playing “Grand Theft Auto” on his new iPad.

Not a good week for trojan Football fans, as u$c continues to LOSE star recruits to UCLA and Notre Dame here on National Signing Day.  As current trojans steal electronics, rival schools are stealing high-profile recuits right from under Lane Kiffin’s nose.  The only Bruins not laughing are the players on the UCLA Basketball team, who better be bent on revenge when they visit sc in the near future… to steal back their pride.



2 responses to “POMEE DOESN’T PWN THE PO-PO”

  1. dswenson Avatar

    Another $c SCumbag – what else is new around there? No wonder recruits don’t want to be there! GO BRUINS!!! And, yes, we want BB revenge!!!BIG TIME!!!

  2. Robert Avatar

    I think many of these SUC players may have been good kids, but something happens – I don’t know what – once the arrive to SCum. I heard, Pomee talked Paosi Moala (a signed UCLA recruit) into staying committed to UCLA when SUC recently began to recruit him, they are friends that went to the same high school.