USC Trojans:  Living up to the Legacy

Formerly-incoming trojan Maurice Simmons is convicted of Felony Robbery and Assault with a Firearm — And just for THAT, he’s not worthy of playing Football in front of O.J.’s jersey?

Will Simmons be Simmering in Sing Sing for Seven Stanzas?  Don’t write him off just yet — He still has a chance to wear the ketchup and mustard.

Lawyers for usc football recruit Maurice Simmons plan to APPEAL yesterday’s jury verdict of GUILTY that has their client facing 7 1/2 years in prison.  If they are successful, there is no reason why Pete Carroll wouldn’t welcome him to his team.  It’s not like Simmons would be the first trojan to get in trouble with firearms and still play.  That Pete sure can pick ’em.

Simmons’ Dream Team is claiming that Maurice had NO IDEA that his ARMED buddy was going to commit that fateful Compton Robbery.  With that Defense, it’s hard to believe that he got convicted in the first place.  It sounds like when the two roommate trojans got busted for all the X pills, but pointed the finger at each other to supply “reasonable doubt.”  How can they prove that Simmons knew his accomplice’s intentions?  Maybe he was just along for the ride (even though he was driving, not riding).

But if the Appeal fails, Maurice is looking at over 7 years behind bars.  On August 28th, the sentence will be handed down.  It’s hard to believe that the trojans, who are the self-proclaimed “owners” of the LAPD, allowed the trial to progress to verdict.  Apparently, they won’t pull those strings until a kid is actually enrolled;  Otherwise, the trojan legal rescue machine would just be too overtaxed.

So — Flash forward eight years:  What’s to stop Carroll from adding Simmons to the roster in 2016?  Maurice will be rehabilitated by then, having served his debt to society, and at 26 years old, will be like a trojan Basketball mercenary, getting a year of seasoning on his way to the Pro’s.

But right NOW, with Simmons facing an extended stay at the Graybar Hotel, why are the news reports saying that it is “unlikely” that Simmons will play for usc now, and that usc will “review his admission?”  Why would they waste a scholarship on a guy that’s headed to jail?  And what is there to “review?”  Appeals aside, as of right now, he’s been proven guilty of two Felonies and a gun-related Misdemeanor — Doesn’t usc have any preferable applicants?

Why didn’t they immediately issue a “release,” saying that Simmons has been “released?”  Is he really THAT good of a Linebacker?  And by the way, did sc Linebacker Coach Ken Norton jr recommend this Felon for the team?  Maybe it TAKES character to JUDGE character.

Of course, when you are playing your Home games under a giant jersey tribute to the World’s Most Infamous Unpunished Double-Murderer, what’s a couple of non-lethal Felonies?

In fact, Simmons might actually have O.J. Simpson as a CELLMATE.  ANOTHER of O.J.’s co-defendants has suddenly FLIPPED against O.J.  Charles Erlich has now pled Guilty to robbery/burglary charges, and will TESTIFY AGAINST O.J.  Ehlich was The Juice’s buddy, who went with him to the Kidnapping, and is now the FOURTH witness/accomplice who will be driving nails into O.J.’s legal coffin.  Simmons will feel like 7 years is NOTHING, compared to the LIFE SENTENCE that O.J. could get.  And can you say “It’s about time?”

It looks so bleak for O.J. that even Clarence Stewart, O.J.’s last remaining co-defendant, wants to sever his case from O.J.’s.  Simpson, NO STRANGER TO SEVERING, must feel totally abandoned, and DOOMED.  Stewart’s Lawyer claims that anyone sitting next to O.J. is going to get [unfairly] convicted.  That sentiment doesn’t bode too well for O.J., and it’s coming from Lawyers who are intimately involved in the case.  Could this finally be O.J. Simpson’s own, personal “Two-Minute Warning?”

 Tommy fought the Law and the Law won… for a change.

Don’t pity troy over Simmons — Think of it as payback for giving UCLA such piss-poor seats in the Mausoleum.

That Bruin’s name must be “Calvin.”



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    Fox 71

    Did you read Cheatie Petey’s comments about the conviction? He’s sorry for the felon’s family! He’s not sorry for the victim. He’s sorry for the family of the perp. If Cheatie were honest (yeah, I know – not very likely) he would ‘fess up that what he’s really sorry about is that his star recruit got caught. And that’s what it’s all about in the trOJan family. Violate any rules (whether those laid down by the ncaa or those in the California Penal Code), just don’t get caught.

    [T-H’s Note: Thanks. I had meant to mention Pete’s transparent response. And yes, I perceived it exactly the same way you did.]

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    It’s okay that you hate SC and want to say bad things about us. But making fun of someone’s criminal behavior is pretty low and borderline racist. I think you should just pick on the school in other ways.

    [T-H’s Note: How can it POSSIBLY be “racist?” What difference does a guy’s Color make? All trOJans are red and gold, not Black or White. And I don’t know what the demographics of South Central are any more — probably a lot of new immigrants — but it’s not racist to make an observation about a region that is based on statistical facts. When someone stupidly or arrogantly breaks the law and gets caught, that IS the time to ridicule them. And when one school continues to lead the league in criminals, year after year, it needs to be publicized. But thanks for your input.]