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I see Red people — Mora hires “trojan-for-life” Kennedy Pola(malu) as Bruins’ new Running Back Coach… and just when I thought Mora really “gets it.”   Sigh.

Well, there it goes.  UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora just let all the air out of my bubble of joy.  I was riding high on the Bruins’ second straight win over u$c.  They killed them by 21 points, which is their biggest margin in 43 years, and their first back-to-back in 15.  The joy continued when sc settled for a second-rate Coach, while UCLA retained their first-rate Coach, despite being lured by his alma mater.  I was ecstatic mainly because the Bruins had a Coach in Mora, who might not have gone to UCLA as a student, but seemed to understand the essence of the Rivalry, and was able to bring out the best in his players for the most important game of the season, two years in a row.  But then, he goes and spoils it all, by hiring a damn trojan onto his staff in a very key position.

I don’t want a trojan on our sidelines, in our locker room, or on our recruiting trail.  I know that I am in the vast minority on this issue, but I will never change my mind.  There is a reason he chose to attend usc, and I do not want someone who made that idiotic decision to be Coaching our young men.  Polamalu (Uncle of Troy Polamalu, and formerly just  “Pola”) was a big part of the trojans’ dirty years, when they were cheating, abusing steroids, getting accused of Sexual Assaults, Drugs, and DUI’s, and paying players.  Why would I want anyone associated with those atrocities anywhere near my team?

I know what most of you are thinking:  Who cares?  If he can recruit well (as alleged) and if he can Coach up our Running Backs, then why not welcome him to the fold?  Anything that helps the Bruins win is a good thing.  I scream bull- shit to that line of thinking.  I don’t want to win at all costs like sc does.  I want to win the RIGHT way — I don’t want a guy who was in the middle of a rogue Program that orchestrated an elaborate cover-up to dupe the NCAA.

I don’t care if having a Polynesian Coach will lock up the highly sought-after Polynesian recruit, and I don’t care if Pola is connected to the 5-star Running Back prospect whom the Bruins are coveting.  I rather whiff on both of those guys, and just have non-trojans in our Program.  This is a Reverse-Norton.  I hated Ken Norton jr., and Henry Bibby for crossing enemy lines.  I freaked out when the Bruins almost hired Mark Carrier and Rocky Seto.  I didn’t even want Norm Chow, but that wasn’t as bad because he was just a trojan COACH, not an actual trojan.  And I don’t want Ed Ogeron, even though he is supposed to be a master recruiter.  He bleeds red and gold, and I don’t want that blood to stain our blue and gold.  And the same theory applies to Kennedy Pola, who was a Fullback for the trojans, before being a Coach there for several years.

And I don’t care that he got in a fight with Lane Kiffin, who then fired Pola, and probably turned Pola against usc.  It’s too late.  I don’t believe a trojan can change his spots.  Once a trojan, always a trojan.  He obviously has no respect for the rules, or he never would have attended South Central U in the first place, and if he had any integrity, he would have turned whistle-blower during the steroid years.

So as far as Kennedy Polamalu is concerned, consider me on the grassy knoll.  I hope he soon shows his true colors, and turns traitor, betraying Coach Mora, so that Mora learns a lesson about the Rivalry that he will never forget.  Don’t get me wrong:  I am NOT saying that Polamalu is a bad Coach, or not a great recruiter.  But I just don’t want that kind of help.  We know how u$c recruited Reggie Bush, O.J. Mayo, and many other stars, and they’ve been doing it since the 70’s.  Let’s just hope that Polamalu doesn’t use some old trojan tricks by promising one of these high school kids riches and bling for choosing UCLA, because those sanctions can be a bitch.  Just ask Lane Kiffin.

"POLA DISTRESS" was published on December 5th, 2013 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side.

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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Kennedy’s first coaching gig was with UCLA. He’s married to a Bruin. One of the things I like about CJM is he doesn’t have any of the Bruin – Trojan Glory Daze baggage like many of our previous coaches had. It’s about UCLA making it’s own way and blazing its own path. Works for me! GO BRUINS!

    (T-H’s Note: I know that your only concern is the betterment of UCLA and I respect that. My anti-trojan conviction prevents me from accepting this move as necessary. I feel there are ways to achieve the same results without disrespecting the strict Rivalry lines. Hiring a devout trojan dilutes the Rivalry, and I find that an offensive slap in the face to everyone like myself who has given so much to protect and maintain the “divide.” But I know that your opinion is the widely prevalent one, and I know your heart is in the right place.)

  2. JC wrote,

    TH –

    I respect your opinion about the matter. However, in this case, since Pola has previously coached at UCLA, this cherry has already been popped by CTD. I wonder if CJM talked to CTD about Pola.

    That said, I do agree that Pola should be watched very closely, given the environment he came from, and given his bitterness is seemingly toward Kiffin, and NOT necessarily sc.

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