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10 new Bruin additions round out the new edition of the World’s Best Spirit Squad

It’s an ancient cliche, but it totally applies here:  The UCLA Spirit Squad doesn’t “rebuild,” they “reload.”  And this article targets the high caliber ammunition that the Bruins will be using to fire up crowds for the next year.  Even though the cutest girl in the building at auditions won’t be eligible until next year (Hi, Marissa.  I hope you’re still reading), the Bruins still hit the jackpot in terms of new talent.

Based on the selections made at this year’s try-outs, both the Dance Team and Cheer Squad will be receiving injections of beauty and athleticism that will keep them both at the top of their respective fields.  The following photos admittedly do NOT do these girls justice, do to the darkness of the gymnasium, and my inability to capture quickly-moving models in sharp focus with my limited ability/equipment.  Also, the girls are not made up to full glamor as they will be after conferring with Mollie’s highly-respected staff of professional beauty and fitness consultants.

But if you have ANY imagination at all, you WILL be able to see that this new crop of beauties will easily live up to the unparalleled standard that has been set (and met repeatedly) over the last several years.

The photos are captioned with the girls’ first names, according to their audition numbers, as listed on their web site.  The new Dance Teamers are Jaclyn, Chelsea, Natasha, Michelle, and Caroline;  The new members of the Cheer Squad are Paula, Kirsten, Erica, and Amanda.  There is one student whom I cannot identify with any degree of certainty.  Sorry.

"NUBILE NEW B’S" was published on May 8th, 2011 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "NUBILE NEW B’S": 5 Comments

  1. Jose wrote,

    I wish the Dance Team had a couple more blondes. I suspect they are starting to really put a high premium on dancing ability. I think it should be a supermodel-like search, but what do i know. Can’t wait to see them all in uniform.

  2. Vu wrote,

    digging Jaclyn, Michelle, and Paula

  3. J wrote,

    In response to Vu:

    Digging anytime they don’t wear nylons! Love the skin! Keep it up ladies!

  4. UCLADal wrote,

    Welcome Ladies! Congrats! GO BRUINS!

  5. Chris Cerceo wrote,

    I love them all. But my favorite is Jaclyn Riana. I am partial, as I’m her dad.

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