Is Carroll a carrier of carelessness?  Seems like he SUPPLIES DUI’s.

USC Football Asst. Coach WATSON is 4th “Carrollista DUI” this year.  So why would his record be expunged?  Like a trojan’s education, it’s Elementary

Do they give a Group Rate for DUI’s?  Is it “With Four you get Egg Roll?”  We’re talking Platters of Pu-Pu for Lofa Tatupu, Dwayne Jarrett, Mike Patterson, and now, David Watson.

Pete’s Assistant Coach is just the latest of his proteges to get into trouble behind the wheel, while on or carrying drugs or alcohol this year… and it’s only May!  That’s FOUR completely separate criminal incidents, all by Pete Carroll-influenced trojans, and all endangering the lives of innocent bystanders.

Watson allegedly crashed his car on Sepulveda, while all hopped up on “prescription medication.”  Now this is California, so that COULD mean Medicinal Marijuana, which might explain why O.J. Mayo hung out at Football practices, but it probably means some sort of painkiller or anti-depressant.  With your Team and Boss facing NCAA, FBI, PETA, and IRS investigations, how could you NOT be depressed?  Maybe he saw that Walk-On video that showed what arrogant a-holes the sc Assistant Coaches are, and THAT drove him to drugs.

When does coincidence become a pattern?  What are the odds of four different people all under Carroll’s tutelage, all flaunting the law in the same 5-month period?  What is he doing to these people that makes them value themselves so highly, but NOT value OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES, at all?  It’s called trojan arrogance, and Carroll is truly The Master.

OR… is it Carroll’s SELECTION process?  Does he ATTRACT the lunatic fringe of society, with his well-known lenient, look-the-other-way attitude?  Spoiled Rap Stars and Thugs ooze out of the woodwork in order to come play (for pay) at sc.  A certain set of photos is on “The Dirty” right now showing the apparent Steroid abuse by trojan Brian Cushing — You think he would blatantly break the law and NCAA Rules — if he were afraid of a Pom Pom Punishment?  Not to mention that all trojans feel like they are above-the-law, and can get away with murder (literally, in two cases), so a DUI is nothing.

Watch Watson and the three others get off with slaps on the wrist, and they’ll all be back behind the wheel before you can say “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.”  And which one do you think Watson will give up:  His life-saving Rx, or Driving?  How about niether?  Even though he had the poor judgment to take local pedestrians’ lives into his hands, he is still more likable than two other Carroll Assistants:  Carroll’s Son, who humiliates himself in that  Walk-On video (which Carroll pulled off the Internet), and Todd McNair, who didn’t contest charges of DOG ABUSE.  Which do YOU prefer — The Coach who accidentally runs over a human, or the Coach who is complicit in Dog Fighting where they drown the losers?   However, trojan Assistant Coach Ken “Traitor” Norton, jr. makes the Dog Fighting guy look good.  What a Staff!  Where are The Hounds of the Baskervilles when you need them?  Okay, how about Cujo (for the Literary-challenged)?

And speaking of challenged, how come the L.A. Times BURIED this story in a tiny paragraph within the Newswire, but when a BRUIN Assistant Coach had a brush with the law — in which he turned out to be innocent — they splashed it all over the front of the Sports section?  Doesn’t the Times find it Newsworthy that 4 trojans in 5 months have gotten busted for virtually the same crime?

Maybe someone over there will notice when all four of them get off unscathed.  Or maybe not.  At least Joakim Noah – who WASN’T behind the wheel when busted for “less than 20 grams” of Weed plus an open container of alcohol — doesn’t really have to go to Prison for 6 months:  Noah got 6 months PROBATION, because he’s a first-time Offender.  And he doesn’t even have the trojan Spin Machine and Legal Dream Team behind him.


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6 responses to “NO SHEET, SHERLOCK”

  1. UCLADavid Avatar

    Wow, four DUI’s in five months from one organization? That is pretty remarkable, and disturbing. Drink on . . .

  2. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    The L.A. Times does not find it news worthy anymore because it happens so much within their program that it is now expected of them. Just like in your list of Infamous trojans, that kid that is going to s.u.c. (I think his name is Marcus Simmons) has not even made your list, why? probably because you’ve become so used to it yourself, don’t you think?

    [T-H’s Note: Simmons, who pled “Not Guilty” yesterday, isn’t on the list because he isn’t actually a trojan yet. As soon as he plays for them, or attends a class (yeah, right), I’ll add him… especially if he’s found guilty of Armed Rob., but still makes the team.]

  3. jswen Avatar

    A new fight song for suc: Sung to fight on:

    Drink on at old $c,
    because they pay to keep them free.
    They never go to jail,
    because they’ve got the bucks for bail.

    Drink on at old $c,
    Drink on at old $c,
    Drink on!!!!!!

  4. robert mcdonald Avatar

    I know someone who was in the car that was hit and he said there were vials and vials of steroids in that sc coach’s car. Can you say cover up?

    [T-H’s Note: Really?? Any chance this guy would be willing to go on the Record?]

  5. layden Avatar

    What about safety Josh Pinkard? That was within the last year, wasn’t it?

    [T-H’s Note: It WAS, if you had written this the day before yesterday! He was arrested for his DUI on May 30, 2007. And thanks for reminding me.]

  6. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    with four you get egg roll!

    mayo at football practice cuz of marijuana being offered – YOU’RE THE BEST! I LOVE THIS SITE!