U$C finds the lush life of the NCAA Tourney too sobering to take, going dry for 7 minutes down the stretch to get wasted by VCU, 59-46

Happy Hour!

Now trojan Coach Kevin O’Neill (or is it “O’doul?) can hit the bar, and try to drown his sorrows, as sc gets trashed by VCU, 59-46.  The game was tied at Halftime 22-22, after both teams got off to horrible starts.  But a few minutes after the break, VCU went on a 12-2 run to go up by 10.  The trojans came back, with the help of a barrage of foul calls against the Rams, cutting the lead to 1, 44-43.

That’s when the trojans ran out of juice, and went in the (drunk) tank.  They went 7 minutes without a field goal, and missed several crucial Free Throws as well, allowing VCU to take control of the game.  When the lead got back up to double-digits with a couple of minutes left, the trojans completely QUIT on their hard-drinking Coach, with no urgency, and no fouling.  It was so bad, that the trojans actually dribbled out the last half-minute of the game.  Apparently, they never saw Reggie Miller’s 9-points-in-9-seconds against the Knicks, back in the day.

So the trojans are OUT of the Tournament, before they even play theirselves in.  Now maybe the NCAA Selection Committee will think twice before GIFTING usc with a free entry pass next year.

And, now it’s up to UCLA to avoid a similar fate, and keep the Pac-10’s reputation from dropping even lower.