Not many outside the Spirit Squad give the Bruins a fighting chance against the Devils today, but an upset victory would lift UCLA out of Purgatory and into 1st Place in the not-so-Deep South

8 and a 1/2-point underdog UCLA is Running With The Devils today, racing to the top of the Pac-12 South Division.  With u$c justifiably ineligible, the race has come down to ASU and UCLA, and the two meet today at the Rose Bowl.  While the rest of the Country will be watching the so-called Game of the Century  — #1 LSU versus #2 Alabama — the Bruins and #19 Sun Devils will be vying for supremacy as well.

It doesn’t look good for the Bruins, who are coming off a win, but haven’t won two in a row all year.  They tend to be less motivated when they are riding the wake of a victory, so it will be up to Rick Neuheisel to make sure his team is playing like they do after they get beaten.  The Bruins certainly have nothing to be complacent about, with ASU being such a good Passing team, the likes of which have been giving UCLA fits all season.  But the Bruins seem to do best when no one expects them to do anything, so maybe the complacent Devils are in for a shocker.

It will take a huge boost from a raucous Home Field Advantage, and that’s where the Spirit Squad comes in. If the crowd gets fired up by the Cheerleaders like they should, then the Rose Bowl will be rocking, and anything can happen, and the Bruins can triumph, come Hell or High Water.

Below are 42 photos of the UCLA Cheerleaders from last Saturday.  Remember to click on the horizontal ones to enlarge them — If you do, they will fill your widescreen monitor with hellacious beauty.


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  1. Kacey Avatar

    Bruins win! Let’s go UCLA