Just say Yes to Drugs (and Chug-a-lugs) — Just one day after u$c gets sued for FORCING one of their Football players to inject drugs (which gave him a heart attack), they welcome back to the Football team a convicted criminal who just got out of jail (for a DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident)

Just another run-of-the-mill week at the University of We’ll do Anything to Win a Football Game.

Ever wonder why sanctions are ineffective against u$c?  Could it be because they are shooting up their players with narcotics, and fielding a roster full of convicts with no Integrity, Morals, Class, nor nagging obligation to go to class or study?

This week, Troy was rocked by a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by former trojan Footballer Armond Armstead, who insists that trojan Doctors shot him up with painkillers that gave him a heart attack.  The Doctors allegedly gave him overdoses of Toradol, above and beyond the recommended amounts, just to get him back on the field of play.  Despite Armstead’s chest pains, Doctors injected him, and told him he had no choice but to bend over and take his medicine.  Not only did they make it mandatory, but they also neglected to inform him that one of the side effects of this drug was heart attacks.  And to top it off, the trojan Doctors refused to disclose to Armstead’s other Doctors, the administration of these drugs to him.  So it appears that u$c was willing to potentially KILL a kid, just so that he could suit up and help the trojans win a game.

After Armstead’s condition had taken a turn for the worse, and he was disgusted with the clowns running sc, he wanted to transfer to another school.  He was hoping to recuperate under someone else’s care, and possibly play his final year of college ball in 2012 before turning Pro, but usc REFUSED TO LET HIM GO, actually BLOCKING his attempts to play anywhere else.  Armstead ended up not making it to the NFL because of this betrayal, so he ended up in the Canadian Football League, making MILLIONS less than what he was projected to make in the NFL, if sc hadn’t screwed and nearly killed him.  Armstead is seeking damages from sc to compensate him for all that lost income.

Now that you have an inside look at the medical training table inside u$c’s locker room, do you have ANY doubt about the rampant steroid use that they’ve been accused of for years?  Despite all the medical warnings and restrictions, they were pumping Armstead full of this Taradol — and other anti-inflammatories — sometimes twice a day, giving him 10 injections in just a few weeks in 2010.  Armstead’s parents insist that u$c didn’t give a sh!t about their child’s health — All sc wanted to do was get him back on the field.  And Armstead’s lawyers point out that when a 20-year old World-class athlete succumbs to a full-blown myocardial infarction BECAUSE OF WHAT USC FORCED INTO HIS VEINS, something is very, very wrong.

And if you think this wrongdoing is an isolated incident of the trOJans lacking Integrity, all you have to do is go back only ONE day, to see another example of their win-at-all-costs-no-matter-how-heinous attitude.  On Wednesday, Lane Kiffin reinstated Simione Vehikite to the team, despite him just being released from jail and still being on a 3-year FELONY Probation.

Vehikite was busted last year for driving under the influence, getting in an accident with another person, and cowardly fleeing the scene.  He did not contest the charges, and received a one-year imprisonment.  He served about 3 months and was recently freed, and Kiffin couldn’t wait to get him back to his sanction-depleted roster.  So of course, Vehikite will serve a team-imposed suspension, or have to do extra push-ups, or run extra laps, before he can play in a game with his teammates?  NOT AT ALL.  Kiffin says that Vehikite could easily see action this Saturday when the trojans take on Norm Chow’s Hawaii in sc’s season opener.  Kiffin hates Chow and will do anything to beat him, after Chow got all the credit, back when they were both at sc.

So that means NO consequences for Vehikite almost killing an innocent victim.  Remember, this is the same Program that doesn’t think twice about subjecting one of its own to a deadly drug, all in the name of competing.  So Kiffin lets Mr. DUI skate, but last year when Marc Tyler told TMZ that Tyler and his trojan teammates GET PAID to play, THAT warrants a suspension?  So it’s okay to threaten the lives of dozens, but not to threaten the livelihood of Kiffin and his trojan cronies?  Of course it’s not!

And there it is — In a matter of just 24 hours, two stories hit the Press that epiomize what u$c is all about, and why any accomplishments that they may achieve on the field this year are completely TAINTED, just like during the Carroll/Bush years.  And yes, I fully expect them to go undefeated, and beat the SEC Champ in the BCS Title game, unless Matt Barkley gets knocked out.  So Kiffin will hold the Crystal Football for a night, and the school can display it in Heritage Hall for a while, until the NCAA catches up with them again, for drug abuse, improper benefits, criminal activity, and lack of institutional control while on probation — Everything except molesting little boys in the showers.  And this time around, they’ll be looking at the Death Penalty.  Of course, trojan fans will think it was all worth it, just to win some Football games.  These are the type of people who would hire Sandusky right now, if he could help the team win a Championship.


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  1. JosephineBruin Avatar

    i want to throw up…… your site!

  2. dswenson Avatar

    I LOVE your site, also!!! $c and thugs, drugs, DUI’s, etc. are what the school, if you can call it that, is about. How do they keep getting away with all this CRAP? The NCAA must just love the money they make for the NCAA! $c needs to get hit hard and never come back! GO BRUINS!