Osa Double Dose-a — Due to two (count ’em, TWO) separate investigations of SEXUAL ASSAULT [rape, forcible sodomy, fondling and “exploitation by telecom.”] in two different states, trojan Linebacker Osa Masina has been suspended for sc’s season opener against Alabama

Innocent until proven guilty.  That’s what I always say.  But it may be reasonable to assume that there is something unsavory going on when someone is investigated for Sexual Assault in TWO different incidents, in TWO different states, simultaneously.  Trojan Sophomore Linebacker Osa Masina is in quite a pickle right now, as Salt Lake City Police AND Los Angeles Police are both looking into Osa’s affairs.  A search warrant has been executed, and sc has already suspended him for their upcoming showdown with Alabama.

Osa is listed as a back-up Linebacker, but was slated to get plenty of playing time against the Tide.  And when facing the Nation’s best team, you need all your guns blazing, so Osa’s absence will hurt the trojans’ chances to pull off an upset.  To make matters worse for Troy, Masina is actually the SECOND player to be suspended for this game — Cornerback Isaiah Langley already received a suspension, after getting arrested at UCLA, for drunkenly refusing to leave a frat party.

What kind of criminals is sc recruiting?  What kind of culture are they cultivating over there?  Nature or Nurture?  Are they ATTRACTING thugs, or TURNING THEM INTO thugs once they enroll?  Two alleged scumbags exposed already, and the season hasn’t even started yet.  Carroll and Garrett may be gone, but the song remains the same at the school that unleashed O.J. Simpson on society, and continues to honor that monster with every game they play, by displaying a giant tribute to him in the Coliseum.  SC fans love their gangster image, and they continue to earn it, by signing low life delinquents, and enabling them, with the essence of entitlement for which u$c is infamous.  The beat goes on… and so do the beatings and other crimes.  SC Clown College now aspires to equal the reputation of Integrity currently owned by Trump University.