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I have missed Katie Wee for about two years;  Now she’s “can’t miss” to get “MISS-ed” (not “missed”) by pageant judges, who would be MISS-taken to NOT crown her as the next “Miss CaliforniaUSA”

For several years, I’ve been saying that the girls of the UCLA Spirit Squad were supermodels, who could easily compete in prestigious beauty pageants.  And now, I’ve got the proof.  Katie Wee, the 2009 UCLA Dance Team Captain and a member of the legendary Fab Four, has recently accepted a request to enter the Miss CaliforniaUSA pageant.

Katie will be representing Hollywood Heights, while championing a worthy cause:  Teaching young women to embrace their individuality, and be inspired and empowered by their inner beauty by living a healthy lifestyle and treating their bodies and minds with respect.

I will post (on this website) updates and any information that I can get in relation to the contest, and to Katie’s other career developments.  Right now her acting career is starting to take off.  I already told you that she’s in that Carmelo Anthony TV commercial where there are multiple Carmelo’s playing basketball, but since then, Katie has gotten leading roles in a couple of independent films (which are currently in production).

But let’s talk about Katie’s pageant endeavor.  First of all, she was ASKED to represent her community.  Someone there obviously has a keen eye for beauty.  Secondly, the Miss CaliforniaUSA pageant is part of the Miss USA circuit.  Could you imagine if someone that you have come to know and love for several years rose to the throne of Miss USA? How cool would THAT be??  Thirdly, Katie has started a FACEBOOK PAGE exclusively for her foray into the contest.  You can Google “Katie Wee Miss CaliforniaUSA” to find it — EVEN IF YOU AREN’T A FACEBOOK MEMBER.  And if you ARE on Facbook, you can LIKE the page, and (thereby) share it with all your FB friends.  Wouldn’t you like to help Katie’s cause, bring her more exposure, and lend her more support, all without spending a dime?  Besides, any extra dimes should maybe be going to Japan this week??

The pageant that Katie is entering does NOT have a talent competition.  Now THAT is unfortunate, since Katie is so mega-talented.  Her dancing ability and choreography skills have been well-documented to most Bruin fans over the last few years.  Luckily, PERSONALITY and the way contestants carry themselves are what really matters, and Katie is obviously in good shape in that category.

And finally, speaking of good shape, there IS a Swimsuit Competition in this pageant.  All the other contestants might as well concede right now.  There are a lot of you out there right now thinking that this news is poetic justice, considering that for years, you were wishing that the Spirit Squad would pose in bathing suits.  Every year, I bring you the usc song girls in bikinis, at their annual charity event, and every year, you have wished for the Bruins to do the same thing.  Well — Set your DVR’s — You are finally going to get your wish.  It may not be the whole squad, but it WILL be one of the best ever.   I will let you know about dates and times as soon as I find out.

I don’t mean to over-emphasize the Swimsuit portion of the contest — I would still be excited if the whole thing was in evening gowns.  Hell — Katie could wear old, baggy sweatpants, or dusty overalls, and I would still be glued to the set, just to see her pretty face.  Speaking of which, here are 20 photos of Katie to celebrate the news of her entry into the contest.  Since they were edited before last year, they are LARGER than the photos I’ve posted recently, so be sure to click on them to enlarge them.  Also, I have another 48 awesome photos that feature Katie, which are standing by to be posted, very soon.

Don’t forget to support Japan by texting REDCROSS to 90999, and to support Katie by “liking” her Facebook pageant page.

"MISS-ING YOU" was published on March 12th, 2011 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "MISS-ING YOU": 4 Comments

  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Congrats and GO BRUINS! to Katie. I’ve always thought she was very pretty too. I remember meeting her when she was a freshman at one of the WBTD Club breakfasts. She’ll represent her community and hopefully her state and country very well.

  2. Robert wrote,

    Katie should not only be Miss California, but she should also be Miss USA, and MIss Universe for that matter. I Miss Katie also T-H, she’s the best.

  3. JP wrote,

    Good luck, Katie. She’s already won in our hearts.

  4. Sparky wrote,

    I think we all miss Katie, as well as the other FAB FOUR members, no disrespect to the current squad intended! There was something about that group that I don’t believe can be duplicated but they certainly set the standard of excellence for years to come. Thanks for letting us know about this new development and we look forward to the updates. Also, nice choice of the 20 pics here! I know you have alot to choose from and you did a fine job narrowing these down. Hell, I’d have a hard time narrowing it down to my favorite 200 pictures of Katie!

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