Still need a fix for that “Dance Fever?”

Are you battling “Co(ed)-Dependency?”  Is it a chronic condition?  Fill your prescription here, with indoor and outdoor, homegrown Spirit

A long, long, time ago, a conspiracy theorist once said something like:  “The Pharmaceutical companies make sure that Pot stays illegal, because if it were legal, no one would ever buy an aspirin.”

Let’s hope that those Pharm corps never set their sites on the OTHER stress-relieving activity that we have all come to know and love:  Viewing beautiful Cheerleaders on the Internet.

Don’t laugh — “These” photos have helped hundreds of thousands of people release tons and tons of tension, so they have therefore cured and prevented countless headaches.  How could you possibly argue that tension and stress don’t contribute to headache pain?

They say that stroking a pussycat helps relieve stress.  This claim seems to be borne out by statistics of cat owners suffering fewer heart attacks and the like.  And a couple of sentences ago, we said “Don’t laugh,” but really, you SHOULD laugh, since laughter — as a form of stress relief — is fully-recognized outside of hospitals Nationwide as “the best medicine.”  But since only a handful of the hundreds of thousands are actually engaging their senses of humor while visiting, we’ll instead take pride in providing the IMAGES that help lower blood pressure — and increase life spans — of (mostly) Bruins around the Country.  And we won’t even discuss the recent Dutch clinical study that said Men who DON’T enjoy the occasional full-release suffer a much higher instance of Prostate issues.  Yeah — Where’s that notorious sense of humor now?

A long, long, time ago (two and a half weeks, actually), the FATHER of that conspiracy theorist was talking about VICES, and he preached one word:  MODERATION.  Nothing is as bad as they say it is, unless you overdo it.  Christie Brinkley’s Ex was spending $3,000 a month on Internet Pornography.  That’s $100/day!  And the only sexual contact he had was with himself, and he broadcast THAT, live on the Internet with a webcam.  Now THAT is the DEFINITION of overdoing it — Checking here every day for new Cheerleader pics is not.

Christie Brinkley sure can pick ’em.  It’s surprising that SHE doesn’t just drive into a tree.  [That’s a “Big Shot” cheap shot — I’m still mad that BJ was classified as “Rock” instead of “Pop,” just like Bon Jovi should have never been called “Metal,” or even “Hard Rock.”  SO MANY great musical sets on the radio have been ruined, due to this mis-labelling.]

Hundreds of thousands of trees died, to make Christie Brinkley posters, that (indirectly) lengthened the lives of millions of young boys, who are all middle-aged men now, with relatively-healthy prostates.  NO trees die to bring you these photographs, so not only do they increase your longevity, they’re environmentally “green.”  So, they increase the longevity of the whole planet.  Expect Al Gore to do a documentary on this phenomenon, if he doesn’t go for V.P. instead.

I know what you’re thinking:  “Enough already!!  What happened to NOT overdoing it??”

 Okay, okay — Stick these in your pipe and savor them.  The UCLA Girls SMOKE the rest.

(Cute) Mugs; Not Drugs!

If Girls were like Indica, you’d be running for the Cheetos about now.

Are your withdrawals starting to subside?

Sometimes, if lucky, a candid shot delivers an accidentally-striking pose (please note the eye-twinkles)

…and sometimes you don’t need the twinkle;  I can’t look at this pic without the words “so CUTE” flooding my subconscious.

Twinkles in the eyes are nice; A DIMPLE is the next best thing!

Not that the Girls need to RELY on the outfits, but lots of guys seem to love those socks.

Take 4, and call me in the morning!


4 responses to “MEDICINAL MACARENA”

  1. James Avatar

    Ah yes…. the last three photos beautifully portray the lovely Jamie..

  2. dakpowers Avatar

    God bless America. Thanks for what you do. 🙂

  3. J Avatar

    Quality again. Love the long blue socks. Thanks.

  4. jp Avatar

    The blue socks and jersey outfits have become iconic. Everybody loves it when they wear ’em.