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Rain got you down?  Fawn over a dear or two (or eight) to sleigh your gloom and fly you away to a Winter Wonderland of White Dreams and Wet Snow

Doe!   On the day that “The Simpsons Movie” is released on DVD, the rain is going to fall, making that trip to the video store a little more treacherous.  And as everyone knows, suicides are always at a high during the Holidays, due to Holiday angst and frayed nerves.  So the roads of L.A. ought to be a lot of fun today, as angry shoppers, and lots of extra drivers who don’t drive very often — and their Grandmothers — will be sliding all over the pavement in a race to get that last cool toy left at WalMart.

Too bad it couldn’t be just a little colder — Then L.A. could have a real White Christmas — Not just one where Gary Busey deviates his septum and finds God.  It would be SO COOL to have L.A. covered in a fresh blanket of snow.  As Vonda Shepard (the greatest singer in History, or close to it) put it, from sheets of rain, to a blanket of snow.  We like the bedding connection.  Vonda’s music is like a warm thick down comforter to us anyway, with lyrics quilted together from the deep depths of one woman’s heart and mind.  But we digress…

The rain f’s up traffic, because no one but you knows how to drive in the rain.  They either overcompensate and drive too slow, or, they don’t adjust at all, and skid all over.  Add to that the mental gloom that depresses rain-soaked drivers, and you get a soggy mess, especially with about 6 shopping days left until Christmas.  Now we realize that SNOW would be much WORSE for the roads, but the people would come together like the U.S. just won a War, or the Olympics (to be more realistic).  It would be just what this city needs to raise some Holiday Cheer.  We could even invision Bruins and trojans SHARING a smile on the road, as the first snowflakes started to fall.

Now, speaking of holiday cheer, we’ve got some more never-before-seen shots below, but first, one last thought:  It might be ovbvious, but we just thought of it — “Bushgate” is not going to have any developments until AFTER the Rose Bowl, as the NCAA won’t want anything TARNISHING that National Event.  So if you were wondering what happened to that investigation, you’ll just have to wait a few weeks to see if the truth will prevail.

Now, getting buck to business — Let it be known that NO ONE NAMED BAMBI was shot during the production of this pictorial.  So, without further a doe…













Hopefully, no reindeer will get hit by Dick’s buckshot.

"MAGICAL REINDEER" was published on December 18th, 2007 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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