In Trance — Here are 35 UCLA Cheerleader photos (all including the luscious Lizzi) — It’s enough to make your head spin

They may call it the “Dog Days of Summer,” but you won’t find any dogs here.  Let’s call it the “Fox Days of Summer” instead, as I unveil another 35 never-before-seen photos from last year, of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  There is no UCLA Football going on, no UCLA Basketball going on, and virtually nothing going on to write about, but you don’t care, as long as the Cheerleader pics keep on flowing, right?

The Bruin Baseball team is about to begin their Playoffs, so that will be something to root for (although their chances are bleak), and the NBA Finals begin tonight, but that only gives me some things to root AGAINST.  I don’t like LeBron, after his “The Decision” folly, and I don’t like a manufactured “Superteam” actually winning a Title.  But that’s not as bad as the petulant crybaby Mark Cuban and wife-assualting Jason Kidd winning one, so I’m forced to root for Miami, reluctantly.  And if they do win, it will hardly be anything to celebrate.

So the only celebrating around here probably, will be the never-ending celebration of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  After all, what’s the point of NOT posting all these shots from last year that have yet to make it to you?  And today, I’m completing the Trilogy of Galleries of Girls whose parents were nice to me at the auditions.  Lizzi’s Mom was friendly to me for the second time, and it’s not just to acquire good photos — She has a much nicer camera than I have!

So today, I’m posting 35 pics that all contain Lizzi.  If you feel like they just don’t do her justice, please keep in mind that the BEST shots were posted immediately after the events, so these are the ones that didn’t make the cut originally.  You can always go back and see those top pics, which are still available if you go back and access the photo-reports on the days right after the corresponding games.  That being said, I think that there are still plenty here today that show off her beauty and grace, and illustrate why she remains one of the most popular members of the Dance Team (as reflected in the feedback I’ve received over the last year).  Please enjoy the Lizzi Fest, and don’t forget — If you click on the photos (especially the horizontal ones) they enlarge to fill up your computer screen.


One response to “LIZZI ‘TIL YOU’RE DIZZY”

  1. JP Avatar

    She is a future Hall of Famer. I hope she has a couple more years with the squad.