Auburn survives the SPECTRE of defeat and Cam Newton’s mis-Q’s to snip Oregon 22-19 for the BCS Title, thanks to Michael Dyer’s 134 yards rushing and last-minute heroic stunt

For those of you who hate Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, take heart — The suspected cheater and thief did more to LOSE the National Championship than he did to win it.  Newton threw an early Interception, ran for less than 3 yards a carry, badly missed wide open Receivers on two SURE Touchdown passes, and most importantly, FUMBLED the ball away with 5 minutes left, allowing Oregon to tie the game at 19, with 2:33 left.

Newton still got to kiss the Crystal BCS Trophy, but only because his Freshman Running Back Michael Dyer pulled off the miracle run of the year on the final drive, to put the Tigers in Field Goal range.  On that play, Dyer was tackled by a Duck named Pleasant, who is not going to have a pleasant off-season… because he pulled Dyer down on top of himself, and Dyer got up without his knee ever touching the ground.  Dyer stood there motionless for a second, thinking the play was over, but then his teammates on the sidelines urged him to keep running, so he did.

Replays confirmed that he was never actually down, so the call stood, and Auburn was in Field Goal range at the 23-yard line.  Three plays later, Dyer broke another run, all the way down to the Oregon 1-yard line.  The Tigers then took the clock down to 3 seconds, before kicking the game-winning Field Goal as time expired.

Dyer — not Newton — was the OFFICIAL Offensive Player of the Game, but it was really the Auburn DEFENSE that was the difference in the contest.  Oregon usually runs for about 300 yards per game, but on Monday night, they could muster up only 75.  Auburn’s Defensive Line dominated the line of scrimmage, and even Oregon’s speedy pace and wicked misdirection were ineffective.  Defensive Player of the Game Nick Fairley was a force, as he repeatedly got into the Oregon backfield to disrupt plays.  Fairley also showed the Country why he’s known as a dirty player, when he jammed a Duck’s head into the ground after a play was over.  It’s too bad that the game’s dirtiest player had to also be the most effective… but at least his Dad didn’t shop HIM around to schools for $180,000, and no one ever found a stolen laptop in HIS dormroom.

The worst part of Auburn winning, assuming that you don’t care about Newton, is that the SEC has now won 5 straight BCS Titles.  SEC fans are starting to sound like trojans, with their arrogant, holier-than-thou attitude about Football.  Country singer Tim McGraw was so obnoxious last week on TV, that it made some people root for Oregon, just to shut him up.  Of course, u$c has ZERO BCS Titles, but that doesn’t stop them from being the same kind of jerks.

Even though Oregon let the SEC get another one, they still did the Pac-10 proud.  They could have easily won this game in overtime, had Dyer’s knee got a grass stain on that one fateful play.  The Ducks came back from an 8-point deficit, by hanging in there and forcing the Heisman winner to fumble in the closing minutes of the game.  Then they scored a TD — and a 2-point conversion — to tie it up, and came within an inch of probably making it to O.T.  If they played again next week, the betting spread would be tiny again, and it would be anyone’s game.  And with Coach Chip Kelly’s system in place, they may just get another chance next year.


3 responses to “LIVE AND LET DYER”

  1. JP Avatar

    I was pulling for Oregon so badly. They’ve been so good all season. Well, at least like UCLA, they have a superb and superior cheer group.

  2. kacey Avatar

    It was a good game…Oregon did the Pac10 proud…though I believe Stanford would have crushed Auburn with Luck throwing deep and a more physical line.

    I believe that his “wrist” was down and supported him so his knee didn’t touch so the play should have been whistled dead.

    Also, shows the different level of sportsmanship with the ducks resisting a pileon when the player is stopped and Auburn continuing to “knock heads” and “kick” after the whistle blows.

    Agree the SEC is sounding like $UC. Did you hear the coach after the game…no words of congrats to Oregon for a great season.

  3. BL Avatar

    Agree with Kacey. No words of congratulations for Oregon from the au coach! He made it sound like they won by a landslide over Oregon, not a mere 3 points and a lot of luck! He was not classy at all!