Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

Boston Lethal:  It’s Showtime again, but if the Lakers are dead to you, you’re Crossing Jordan

Coronation or Coroner — Which will be called for after Jordan Farmar and the Los Angeles Lakers renew their long-lost-but-not-deceased Rivalry with the Boston Celtics?   Die-hard Bruin fans should be hoping that the Finals Exams done by the Medical Examiner are a Celtic Autopsy, considering the rosters.

Farmar, teammate Trevor Ariza, and Special Assistant Coach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will all carry the UCLA flag for the Lakers through the NBA Finals, which start tonight at 6:00pm Pacific Time.  In Game 1, all the pressure is on the trojan-laden Celtics, who would lose their precious Home Court advantage with a loss, while the Lakers are looking only to get a split of the first two games, so they can come back to L.A. with a chance of wrapping it up without RETURNING to Boston.

If it weren’t for that pressure, we would consider Boston a huge favorite, with all that emotion and crowd support behind them, in their first appearance in the Finals in 20 years.  But sometimes emotions can cause unexpected results — these are NOT machines that we are talking about — so don’t put the Lakers’ Game 1 hopes in a body bag just yet.  Kobe Bryant rarely needs an alibi in games like this.  And if the Celtics for some unforeseeable reason have to rely on one of their two trojans corpses — Brian Scalabrine or Gabe Pruitt — for a positive contribution, they would really be in grave trouble.

Meanwhile, Jordan Farmar may be the best Back-up Point Guard in the Series, with Boston’s Sam Cassell struggling of late.  But according to Celtic Ray Allen, his STARTING Point Guard is the best he’s ever played with.  Why do we find that amusing?  Because Allen played with [honorary trojan] Gary Payton for many years, and apparently believes with a passion that the young and unproven Rondo is already better than the highly over-rated Payton ever was.  Rondo IS a potential Superstar, but we are CERTAIN that Payton will take this comment as a wicked insult from his long-time bro.

Hopefully, Farmar won’t let Rondo show him up, but if he does, maybe Ariza will get a crack at keeping him in check.  More likely, it will take a Dodger-like brawl with several ejections, unfortunately, before Ariza gets any meaningful minutes. 

This is not a prediction site, but we WILL say that we would be surprised by a short series, either way, thinking that Kobe will have to personally TAKE OVER Game 6 or 7 to make sure that Farmar gets his first Ring this year, instead of next year.

Speaking of sparkling gems, here are some more, long overdue, photos of the JEWELS of Jordan’s old school.  But first, the Dope on one Final Story:  The L.A. Times’ article yesterday called the inter-agency case against Rodney Guillory/O.J. Mayo “a JOINT Investigation.”  This is now the second JOINT Investigation targeting Mr. Mayojuana, if you count the Police arresting him and his cruising partners for circling a Pot Dealers’ house of business.  Of course, THAT case went up in smoke, as O.J.’s bud-dies took the rap for their soon-to-be Millionaire pal.  Amazing how everyone AROUND Mayo is getting busted — Maybe Mayo is the Narc, or maybe Legal Trouble operates like a Contact High, and Mayo is exhaling all over his posse.   

Now, a much better way to get HIGH (hope you weren’t looking for a juvenile “posse” joke)…

  Who needs Jill Hennesy when THESE girls are present to jump-start your heart? 

The infamous Pompom Burglar strikes again!

Farmar BETTER get some floor-burns during this series.

Hope everyone has been cramming for Finals.

Take off that REEEDDD Auerbach (off the “Most Titles” List, on which he’s tied with Phil Jackson… right now…)