The allure of UCLA has never been hotter

Today is Signing Day for Football Recruits, and anyone who defects on UCLA is missing the Big Picture

With all due respect to Karl Dorrell and Jay Norvell, could there really be a Bruin commit out there who thinks that due to the Coaching changes, UCLA is no longer their best option? 

Well, a couple of the expected-to-be Bruins are still wavering, according to the Internet sites that pay attention to High School ball.  Even if the kids had some personal bond with Dorrell, they still have no business wavering.  Karl did not go to another school where the Recruits can follow him.  So, they have to go back to the other considerations that made them choose UCLA, besides Dorrell, and then add the Dream Team Staff to the mix.

As normal 17-year old men, they could be influenced by a number of stimuli, and that includes the gorgeous co-eds, exemplified by the Bruin Spirit Squad.  Milton Knox, if you’re reading this — If you think Birmingham has cute girls, just wait until you get to UCLA.  You will think you died and went to Heaven, as the photos below illustrate.  All the high schools’ cutest girls — the ones with brains but with no spoiled rich-girl attitudes — become Bruins, and are waiting for you to bring your Championship mentality to Westwood.  Notre Dame will be down for years — Why would you want to be a part of a rebuilding period?  You’ll be gone before they become relevant again.

With Norm Chow calling plays this Season, the Bruins could beat any team on any Saturday, and the following year, they probably WILL.  Isn’t THAT what Recruits should want?  Any kid who is too slow to grasp this concept probably couldn’t master the academics necessary to make it into UCLA anyway.

With Bushgate sanctions imminent,  it’s hard to swallow that a commit could blow off the Dream Staff at UCLA, and surrender an opportunity to be a part of the changing Los Angeles Football Landscape.  With Pete Carroll entertaining every NFL opening that comes along, and with his likely successors failing at their present jobs, even a high schooler can see that big changes are on the horizon.

So, just in case there are still any undecideds, who have come here for last-second motivation, here is our 14-shot appeal to bring THE BEST OF THE BEST, to the most beautiful campus on Earth.  Think it over, while you peruse this pictorial, and if you can resist, then we don’t need you anyway! It’s time to sign on the dotted line

Maybe the Spirit Squad Recruiter should work for the Football Team — She certainly has an eye for talent!

Reisitance is Futile!  You know how photogenic these girls have to be, in order to get a candid shot where ALL SIX look great?

And this shot didn’t even make “The Top 40? posted over the last few days.

The Tunnel of Love

If there’s a flaw here, we can’t find it.

“Hardwood Heavens,” indeed!

C’mon Milton — The Fighting Irish can’t touch this.

At UCLA, every class you have will be inundated with beautiful co-eds (At sc, they have no Class)

Does Transamerica grow a little each time the ad comes up during the performance?

Did you see Neuheisel and Walker do the “We’re Not Worthy” bows to Norm Chow?  It was CLASSIC (like THESE bows).

Before signing your National Letter of Intent, just remember — “U-C-L-A:  The Letters of Intense!”

“Hey — I’d know that Crown tattoo anywhere!”

Cheer without Peer — Another reason why if you pick UCLA, you will have chosen…WISELY.




4 responses to “LAST SEC’S APPEAL”

  1. Sam Avatar

    I would LOVE a pictorial on one of the gorgeous members of our beloved dance team. (I know that doesn’t narrow it down). She is in the 5th picture with the caption “The Tunnel of Love,” and she is the 3rd girl from the left.

  2. t-h Avatar

    Dear Sam,

    You JUST SAW a pictorial of her — She’s in EIGHT of the 15 photos above! However, we will try to pull together some more shots of her for you in the near future.

  3. Peter Avatar

    And also, the 1st and 4th girls from the right in the picture right above the “The Tunnel of Love”. That would definitely make my day!

  4. t-h Avatar

    Peter —

    Are you kidding? “The 4th Girl” has gotten more exposure here than anyone else, bar none (and not by accident). However, we will still delve into the archives for you, and present some new ones of her, and of “the 1st girl” too. We don’t need much prodding to undertake this labor of love.

    ***[BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Ooops. “From the RIGHT?” Out of habit, we just counted from left to right. We will do tributes to the girls whom we NOW think you were pointing out, in the very new future.]***