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Did you kick the habit while we were gone?

With nothing going on except injuries and lateral moves at non-skill positions, it was time to take a break

It’s just no fun writing about guys getting injured and struggling in practice.

This was never supposed to be a reference site for pertinent details from the Official press releases — It was supposed to be about poking fun at the trojans, with Bruin news included just to demonstrate UCLA’s utter superiority over troy.  Sometimes, that superiority has to be brought to light, because it CAN be temporarily obscured by successful cheating.

But during this off-season, the trojans are doing a better job of keeping all their serious crimes under wraps, and out of the public domain.  If you don’t believe it (and why would you?), just ask usc beat writer Scott Wolf — He INSISTS that there have been some off-the-field evil-doing by some trojan athletes this year, but all evidence of these misdeeds have been successfully covered up by usc’s “machine.”

It must be easy to control what the D.A.’s Office says and does, when D.A. Steve Cooley is not only a trojan alum, but he even attends sc Football practices.  Last week, he went with infamous trojan shyster Carmen Trutanich, who is hoping to be Cooley’s successor.  If the trojans ever lose their stronghold on that post, expect Carroll to bail immediately, followed by half the team getting indicted on the full gamut of charges.

But since there has been no juicy news from Juice U., except Basketball Guard Angelo Johnson hurting the trojans’ already-pathetic APR — and that’s not really news, anyway — it’s been quiet around this site. So, just to give you SOMETHING for the effort of coming here, here are 3 more “classic” photos of the UCLA Dance team.  These were pulled to be a part of the “showdown” against the Oregon cheerleaders, but it was already overkill as it was, so I saved them for a rainy day, and I just felt a drop.

 It must be a Rain Dance.

 Who’ll stop the Reign?  No one.

Savor this photo — Starting Friday, I may be too busy to post as often as usual.

"KICKING BACK" was published on August 14th, 2008 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "KICKING BACK": 3 Comments

  1. jp wrote,

    The first photo was a classic. That performance had everyone talking. Best collegiate group cheer/dance team in the nation.

  2. hornsfan wrote,

    great pics as always, and a welcome break from the training camp reports. 🙂

    in other news, the lovely Lisa is this week’s cnnsi cheerleader of the week. looks like many of the photos were taken during the same shoot as the elise and brianna pictorials, so you’ll see them as well. I can only hope that means that we’ll have (at least) 2 more UCLA cheerleaders featured later this year:

  3. RR Crew wrote,

    Ooooh. Seems like the five lucky ladies at that photoshoot are locks for cheerleader of the week? That seems to be the trend. Would be great to have at least two more being featured. Kristle and Michelle sure are close 😀

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