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Stamp of disapproval — Yet ANOTHER cheating ex-trojan gets labelled as a Steroid Abuser, as the NBA delivers a $400,000, 10-game suspension to Memphis’ O. J. Mayo, while in a nearby Zip Code, the Titans mark ex-trojan Jeff Fisher “Return to Sender”

O.J. Mayo is a Juicer?  Well, that explains why he went Postal on one of his Memphis Grizzly teammates earlier this month.  About three weeks ago, Mayo got into a fight on the team plane, over a card game gambling debt, and instead of paying up, Mayo threw a tantrum that no one understood.  Now the Grizzlies don’t allow gambling on their flights.  Now O.J. will have to do his gambling on online sites like internet slots.  Why didn’t Mayo just cough up the dough? — It’s not like he couldn’t afford it.  But now it all makes sense — Everyone knows about ‘Roid Rage.

O.J. Mayo will miss the Grizzlies’ next 10 games, because he tested positive for a banned substance.  What they found was a “steroid precursor.”  That means that he took a drug that the body turns into a steroid.  Since the drug itself is not a steroid before it is ingested, it is freely available in pharmacies.  And Mayo freely admits that he bought it and took it.  However, he CLAIMS that he didn’t know it was on the banned substance list.  He says that it was “an honest mistake.”  Bull.  It is his responsibilty to KNOW what is and isn’t banned — He obviously thought that he could skate, just like he did when accused of buying and smoking Marijuana, and just like he did when he illegally took envelopes of cash and tons of merchandise while playing for usc.  Usc got in trouble, but Mayo got away unscathed.  Besides, he couldn’t be stupid enough to think that a steroid that fights fatigue would be ALLOWED by the NBA.  No, he was just trojan-arrogant, and thought that he was above the law.  This is a common affliction of usc O.J.’s, who tend to get away with their first offense, but justice catches up with them on the second or third one.

Arrogance isn’t the only thing that Mayo learned at usc.  The South Central institution of higher learning is allegedly where he learned about cheating with Steroids.  With Barry Bonds’ Dr. Ting being involved with sc, the trojans are infamous for their advancements in the field.  In fact, with Mayo getting caught, usc has now completed the Steroid Trifecta of Major U.S. Sports — They have O.J. Mayo in Basketball, Mark McGwire in Baseball, and Brian Cushing in Football — All three totally DISGRACING their respective Sport.

And speaking of Football, Mayo wasn’t the only ex-trojan in Tennessee who is looking at some time off (and not for good behavior).  The Tennessee Titans have finally lost patience with their long-time Head Coach Jeff Fisher.  Fisher has been nothing short of mediocre for 16 years, losing a winnable Super Bowl and missing the Playoffs repeatedly, despite loads of talent (including the League’s Best Running Back), and a supportive fan base that supplies a notable home field advantage.  Fisher tried Norm Chow as an Offensive Coordinator, but it didn’t work, and Chow hasn’t been the same since.  If the Titans hire a half-decent replacement for Fisher, watch for them to immediately contend for a Conference Title, with the unstoppable RB Chris Johnson leading the way.

Fisher’s claim to “fame” as a trojan was the play where he was trying to defend a pass, and he tipped the ball right to Bruin Freeman McNeil, who took it in for a 57-yard Touchdown, in a rare win for UCLA over usc.  And Fisher may just be returning to usc, either as a replacement for struggling and disliked Head Coach Lane Kiffin, or perhaps as a replacement for floundering Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin, in which case he’d be the Head Coach-in-waiting… waiting for the ax to finally fall on Lane.  Fisher was not very good in Nashville, but he would be a huge upgrade over Kiffin, so Bruin fans should probably hope that Fisher takes another NFL job instead.

Meanwhile, the Bruins STILL haven’t hired a Defensive Coordinator themselves, which means that ex-trojan Mark Carrier is probably still in the mix.  Let Us Pray that Carrier doesn’t get the gig, and that Fisher doesn’t become a candidate, even though Fisher WAS the reason the Bruins BeatSC in 1980.

And speaking of UCLA, the Bruins got wounded in Tucson last night, losing to Arizona 85-74 to fall into 3rd place in the Pac-10.  Reeves Nelson, playing on a sprained ankle, was phenomenal, equaling his career-high with 24 Points and pulling down 10 Boards, but no other Bruin played up to their abilities, allowing Derrick Williams to put on a show of highlight-reel dunks to lead the Wildcats to victory.  It was close for 10 minutes, and only a 5-point spread at Halftime, but then Arizona went on a run, opening up an 18-point lead.  The Bruins showed some heart, not quitting, and whittling the lead back down to 8, but they didn’t have enough to get over the hump.  Tyler Honeycutt, Joshua Smith, and Lazeric Jones couldn’t find their range, and the Bruins as a team shot only 2-for-15 from Three-Point Land, and in a hostile environment like McKale, that wasn’t close to good enough.

For the Bruins to beat a good team, especially on the road, they need to be firing on more than just one cylinder.  UCLA will get another chance in Tempe on Saturday, in their last tune-up before the big rematch game against the (allegedly) medically-enhanced trojans next week, when they better not “mail it in.”  Because if they do, then Bruins fans will spend their leisure time on  roulette online instead of watching UCLA play.

"JUNK MAYO" was published on January 28th, 2011 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side.

Comments on "JUNK MAYO": 5 Comments

  1. dswenson wrote,

    Mayo said he didn’t read the label on the “medicine” that he took. We all know that any athlete at $c doesn’t know how to read and they don’t have to attend classes either to get that “hard earned” diploma. And, Haden wants $c “pardoned” for their restrictions. As we all know, that place is a BIG JOKE! NO PARDONS, NCAA!!!

  2. Jake wrote,

    Feel bad for fisher, hes a good coach, met him a few times good guy ( I dont hate someone for what university they were at i just never root usc on the field)…. the titans suck thats why they lose

    [T-H’s Note: If the team sucks, isn’t the Head Coach at least somewhat responsible? And by the way, I hate people for the CHOICES that they make, and choosing a school that is notorious for cheating and arrogance says a lot about a guy, even if he is nice to you. No offense, but I’m surprised that you frequent this site if you are really so opposed to that train of thought. I would think that you would be put off by something that I write, almost every day.]

  3. SVCATOSCMO wrote,

    “I hate people for the CHOICES that they make, and choosing a school that is notorious for cheating and arrogance says a lot about a guy, even if he is nice to you.”

    Then who should replace Neuheisel?

    [T-H’s Note: I have complained numerous times about Neuheisel’s choice of Law Schools, but it is not as bad as going there as an undergrad. There are a lot less Law Schools to choose from, especially locally (after he had already graduated from UCLA and wanted to stay close). And I’d guess that maybe Rick didn’t get accepted by UCLA Law. That doesn’t EXCUSE his bad choice, but it would help explain it a little bit.]

  4. Jake wrote,

    Well sir I’m a frequent on this site because i enjoy the rivalry, graduated from ucla 2000… but sports is one thing and i hate usc on the field, but as far as hating people off the field because of what university they went to, I do not do that…. I’ll leave that to you. And i don’t hate what you write, it amuses me. Go Bruins.

    [T-H’s Note: Well, I can’t tell if you’re laughing WITH me or AT me, but I do wish that other readers participated (wrote in comments) as much as you do, so I’m still glad that you are here. And I know that I am generalizing, but in my decades of experience with usc grads and fans, the difference (from other schools) in arrogant attitude and lack of Integrity (“winning justifies cheating”) is palpable. Sure I have a few friends (and cousins) that are trojans, but even they think that they are better than everyone else around them. Maybe “hate” is too strong of a word, or an unfair reaction to be applied universally to all of them, but this site is “over-the-top” just to make a point. Hopefully you get that.]

  5. Jake wrote,

    Na not laughing at you, i enjoy what you write, especially when sc loses. Just hope we can get some wins agaisnt them, we’re down right now. All is good i just made a comment didnt think it would go too far.

    [T-H’s Note: OK, good. Thanks for the clarification.]

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