A Dynasty to die for.

UCLA begins Spring Football practice, looking to start a reign like the one being enjoyed by The Dynasty on the Sidelines

The UCLA Bruins took Spaulding Field on Thursday afternoon, kicking off Spring Football Practice for the 2010 season.  The Bruins are coming off two forgettable seasons under Head Coach Rick Neuheisel, but most Bruin fans are expecting this season to be the turning point.

On paper, the 2010 Bruins should be much more explosive on Offense, but not as strong on Defense.  That means that the games should be higher scoring and more entertaining, with the Bruins having the capability to COME BACK if they find themselves down early.

Drawing conclusions from Spring practices is not wise, ESPECIALLY the first week.  Of course, when you hear that Tight End Joseph Fauria and Wide Receiver Josh Smith are standing out, it comes as no surprise, and it just CONFIRMS a conclusion to which many were already coming.  And the reports of Kevin Prince’s improved sharpness were as inevitable as the 2010 Masters getting good TV ratings.  So don’t get too excited about anything you read… until I get out there hopefully next week, and give you a real, first-hand report… that should STILL be taken with a Springtime grain of salt.  UCLA’s only Dynasty right now is the Spirit Squad… with the Baseball Bruins apparently trying to start one themselves.  And maybe the Football Bruins can follow suit — which is now more of a possibility, considering the vulnerability of certain other teams.   A 22-and-0 streak for Neuheisel would not only mimic the Baseball team — It would make him the Mollie of Football.

Here are another sweet 16 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad, in honor of their upcoming “Afternoon Reception” on Sunday, April 11th.  Check my previous article on this site for details, and please join the party.  These students deserve your support.  Plus, Neuheisel and Norm Chow will be there, giving you more info in person than you can glean from the Internet.  So come meet the Coaches, and schmooze with the most beautiful and talented girls on the Planet.  And here are 16 cases in point.  Click on the photos to ENLARGE them, and rest your cursor on the photos to raise CAPTIONS, which today are mostly about BASIC expectations for the upcoming Football season.

I agree that the Bruins will be better this year than last year… and more fun to watch.

I expect Kevin Prince to excel, and I think a QB controversy will occur only if he gets injured… so, let’s say, Week 3?

Jonathan Franklin may overcome his fumbling, but I’m still hoping, for the third year in a row, for a Freshman to come in and take over.

I expect Joseph Fauria to have an immediate impact, with stellar Receiving AND Blocking.

I expect Sheldon Price to improve, but still be a Criticism Magnet.

EVERYONE (including me) expects Akeem Ayres and Rahim Moore to be the best players on Defense.

The Defense might have better numbers than last year, because the Offense will hold onto the ball longer.

I expect Lane Kiffen to do something monumentally stupid, ala Jesse James.

I expect Milton Knox to get overlooked.

I expect Kai Forbath to kick a 55-yard Field Goal, hit at least 90% of his tries, and win at least 2 games at the final gun.

When the way-too-light sanctions against u$c are announced, the bouyed trojans will go on a long winning streak.

This seems like a good time to remind you — You can come chill with these girls on Sunday, April 11th.  Check the last article for details.

The event is for a great cause, and worth every penny.  Please come support the World’s Best Spirit Squad.

It’ll be 2 hours of feeling like you’re backstage at America’s Next Top Model.

…except these models will talk to you and be friendly.

Last one for today — Lots more coming soon, as we count down to the big shin-dig on April 11th.