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Every Spring, I wish for invigoration, a clean scent, and no stinging injuries, but it’s hard to get worked up into a lather when the Offense scores only three TD’s all night.

I WISH I coulda been there.  Due to a new gig, I had to work Saturday night, and couldn’t make it to Drake yesterday, but don’t despair — My good friend “bruincivil” sent me some photos, and I’ve selected the best three to share with you here.

He says that Nelson Rosario, Jonathan Franklin, Derrick Coleman, Anthony Barr, and Brett Hundley were the Offensive stars of the scrimmage.  Franklin ran for a long score, Rosario caught Richard Brehaut’s only Touchdown pass, and Malcolm Jones scored after catching a Hundley pass.

But those were the only three TD’s.  I wish… I coulda been there, and I wish I could give you more information, and I wish I weren’t so exhausted from the 16-hour work days.  Oh well… Here are two more awesome photos from bruincivil.  Happy Easter, everyone.


"IWISH SPRING" was published on April 24th, 2011 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Sports Photos.

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  1. dswenson wrote,

    Hopefully we will have lots more touchdowns in the fall.

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