Que Sar-ah Sar-ah — For a normal person fighting Depression, the cure can be more serotonin;  For a Bruin Football fan fighting Depression, I prescribe more Sarah tonin’

Say “rah.”

When you’re down and troubled, and you need a helping hand… leave it to your friends on the UCLA Spirit Squad to cheer you up.  Watching these fit and trim Bruin cheerleaders tone up by performing for the Blue and Gold crowds is usually just what the doctor ordered to forget about what’s been happening on the football field.

With the Bruins on the road for the next two weeks, you’ll have to get your fix from TV — IF they even show the Spirit Squad for more than 5 seconds — OR, you can come here and at least enjoy some stills.  With the Football Bruins’ recent history of being something less than “Road Warriors,” you may need an emotional pick-me-up. Losing at Stanford may not be that depressing, but if the Bruins lose THIS Saturday in Corvallis, to the 0-2 Oregon State Beavers, who already lost to Sacramento State this year, you may need a serious anti-depressant.  Today’s “upper” of choice is returning Cheer Squad member Sarah.  Below are 45 photos that all feature sweet Sarah, all from this season’s San Jose State and Texas games.  I hope you like them.  And don’t forget, CLICK on the photos to enlarge them, and to zoom in on this exotic cutie’s beauty.