“Trapped in a trojan trap by a trojan.  This could be a setback.”  [– “Tom Tuttle, Tacoma, Washington.  How ya doin’?”]

LenDale “China” White would be the THIRD ex-trojan THIS MONTH to get burned in a drug bust — Just what are they teaching over there at Drugueroa Tech?

Is usc a University, or a Pharmacy?

According to an ESPN inside source, ex-trojan LenDale White is about to be suspended for 4 games by the NFL, for violating the League’s Substance Abuse policy.  Now all he has to do is find a team to miss the 4 games with.  Because on Friday, White was CUT by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.  Carroll orchestrated a trade on the 3rd day of the Draft this year to pick up White from Tennessee, where ex-trojan and Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher had no use for him.  But after a few weeks, Carroll has decided that he has no use for him either.

The Seattle GM said that White is not ready to be the member of a TEAM yet.  It is unclear if the alleged Drug Suspension had anything to do with White being cut, but that statement makes it sound like the issues were personal and mental.  With White it always WAS attitude as opposed to a lack of ability.

White was once accused of being lazy and unprofessional, and of coming to camp overweight and out of shape.  Complaints of a non-existent work ethic dogged him for years.  But he reported to Seattle at a new LOW weight, saying that Carroll had rescued him from no playing time in Tennessee.  It looked like he was committed to doing what it takes to regain the form that made him a Fantasy Football darling a few years ago, before Chris Johnson came to town, and replaced Adrian Peterson as the new NFL darling.  But even with full committment, White couldn’t even make it to the Preseason.

And speaking of getting committed, the trauma of being cut is causing LenDale some emotional issues, according to his Uncle.  I hope he doesn’t go and off himself… because then you can’t make fun of him.  Do you have any sympathy for these millionaire athletes, when they cheat, take drugs, don’t work hard, get cut, and then have emotional breakdowns, in their mansions?

If the Drug Bug does bite Mr. White (Rabbit), he would be the third ex-trojan this May to have Drug-related real-life nightmares.  First, Brian Cushing started the needle moving, when he got HIS NFL 4-game Suspension.  Cushing got busted for hCG, which is Manny’s female fertility drug that Steroid Abusers commonly use in conjunction with the Steroids.  Cushing still denies the charges, but he lost his appeal, just like LenDale has lost his appeal to every other NFL team.  Don’t worry, Lenny, I’m sure Al Davis will give you a chance — He loves trojan cheaters.

The other ex-trojan busted with drugs was Kevin Ellison, who got caught speeding through a School Zone, and during the stop, Cops found 100 Vicodin pills, which apparently weren’t just his legitimately-prescribed medicine.  So that would make LenDale White the THIRD drug case for usc football, all within this last month.

So while everyone eagerly awaits the NCAA’s decision on the state of usc football, three different usc football players from the era in question all get busted for “illegal” drugs.  And where do you think all these trojans LEARNED to “Always Compete” and “For the Team?”   Who teaches them that “Just Do It” means to shoot up the Juice?  Is it too late for the NCAA to add some “Where Are They Now?” evidence to the battle for The Death Penalty?”


3 responses to “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRUGGIE”

  1. Ash Avatar

    You think Trojans are the only NFL players using drugs? HAHAHA, very naive of you, bRuin.

    [bRuin’s Note: Typical trojan: “Sure we cheat, but it’s okay, because other people are cheating too.” I know that everyone uses drugs. I’m on drugs right now! But maybe the reason why three trojans got busted this month (and apparently no one else did) is that trojans use MORE drugs than everyone else, or they do it MORE OFTEN, or they do it less discretely, because they think that they are ABOVE THE LAW. Either way, it indicates that Carroll breeds an atmosphere of “It’s not cheating unless you get caught.” And guess what? They’re all getting caught.]

  2. Robert Avatar

    Funny, every time a stupid condom posts something on here, they make complete asses of themselves, it seems they are drinking the same kool aid. My God! why are they so clueless? I really would like to know.

  3. Fitz Avatar

    At least the USC fans are consistent.

    What? You think O.J. Simpson is the first guy to lopoff someone’s head? Very Naive.
    What? You think Frostee Rucker, Winston Justice, etc. etc. etc. is the first baller to smack around his lady? Very Naive. What? You think Cushing is the only guy to become a multi-millionaire by using steroids? Very Naive.

    The way they see the world, if anyone has EVER done something wrong, then EVERYONE does it and therefore, its not even wrong. Its disgusting to listen to them tacitly accept and defend such a scumbag approach to life and competition.

    Over and over again, they play a three note symphony:
    “They can’t prove any of it.”
    “Well, everyone else does it, anyway.”
    “Everyone’s just jealous because they wanna be like USC.”

    As if…..