Here at the Trojan-Haters Club, EVERY week is “BeatSC Week”


But THIS week, everyone is on board, even if the Official name is “Blue & Gold Week”

They can change the name if they want, but it doesn’t change anything.  This week, it’s all about beating sc.  As Red Sanders once said, Beating sc isn’t a matter of life and death;  It’s much more important than that.

So even if the powers that be want to de-emphasize the importance of usc in this week’s festivities by changing the name from BeatSC Week to Blue & Gold Week, it does nothing to lessen the hatred of usc held by so many Bruins.

All Bruins know what is at stake on Saturday, and it has nothing to do with the Rose Bowl.  We’re talking about having to listen to those a-holes roll around in their self-satisfaction for a year, if they win.

This year, there are several factors that will ease the pain of a bad Bruin loss:

1)  As a 20-point Underdog, a bad loss can’t come as that much of a shock;

2)  A Bruin loss would give the trojans a streak of only ONE in a row;

3)  The trojans will NOT be in the BCS Title Game, even if they pour it on;

and for you guys that would kill small children for a regime change:

4)  A bad loss would make it easy for Dan Guerrero to let Karl Dorrell go.

So, prepare for the worst but hope for the best.  Hope that Fred Davis doesn’t gallop all over the field.  Hope that Booty doesn’t have ALL DAY to find Receivers.  And hope that any one of three Bruin QB’s can get the team into the end zone.  If none of that hope works, you’re looking at a 56-16 nightmare, with the one Bruin TD coming via Matt Slater on a Kickoff Return.  Slater might even get two of them, since Pom Pom is too arrogant to kick away from anyone.  But Booty is solid when not pressured, so he could pick apart a Bruin Defense that is likely to be on the field for the vast majority of the game, with Davis being the go-to guy.  Watch for Davis to pile up the yards after catch, unless Chris Horton can hit him so hard that he gets homesick, like he did as a Freshman.

The one thing that you have to remember as you read these somewhat-pessimistic comments —  These are the EXACT SAME presumptions that we made before last year’s game, and we hope that we are just as wrong.

In celebration of UCLA’s superiority over sc (and Oregon… and everyone else, for that matter), here are 4 more photos of the Bruin Dance Team in action.






5 responses to “Here at the Trojan-Haters Club, EVERY week is “BeatSC Week””

  1. Rick Avatar

    Red Sanders was right.
    And I believe that he would tell us that the key to this game is MARkey…He would tell us that he needs to hit the hole hard and explode through it, not tiptoe up to it like a little girl and wait to get hit. That after four years of teasing us with flashes of brilliance surrounded by periods of timid mediocrity,it is “now or never” time. He’d ask “How do you want to be remembered,Chris? As the gutsy sparkplug behind the second straight punking of those arrogant trOJan bastards,or as the guy who never had the guts to live up to his potential ( thereby inviting defenses to tee off on our wounded QBs}?
    He wouldn’t pull any punches, and neither should we. Not this week.
    It’s gutcheck time.
    GO BRUINS!! DESTROY troy!!!

  2. Bruin Avatar

    *** USC & UCLA at the Rose Bowl… what a load of crap! ***

    USC is negotiating to move home games beginning in 2008 to the Rose Bowl, the Los Angeles Times reports.

    USC approached the Rose Bowl because officials have grown frustrated with the lack of progress on a lease agreement to remain in the L.A. Coliseum, which first played host to a Trojan home game in 1922. USC’s potential move has the blessing of rival UCLA, which is the primary tenant of the Pasadena venue.

    The Times reports that USC had offered to fund a minimum of $100 million over 10 years toward the repair and restoration of the Coliseum, which is adjacent to the USC campus. As part of that deal, the school would be in charge of running the venue. Coliseum officials have said no to the proposal.

    If USC moves, Saturday’s game against UCLA could be the last for the Trojans in the Coliseum, the historic venue that has played host to two Olympic games.

    From Wizard of Odds

  3. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    you are the best! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!! BEAT THE TROJANS!

  4. UCLADavid Avatar

    I love Beat ‘SC week. The thought of losing to the condoms from troy makes me sick. But I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. With a good defense, you never know, and we have a GREAT defense. Can’t our offense just do 15 yard snaps to Slater the whole game and let him run every play like it’s a kickoff?

  5. Minnesota Bruinfan Avatar
    Minnesota Bruinfan

    Just a life-long Bruin fan getting geared up for the showdown with those thugs from South Central. I cannot even begin to tell you, even from living afar, what this week is like for me. There is NOTHING like this rivalry. When I hear that UCLA fight song something just stirs inside of me. I have had to endure all the heartbreaking losses from ’67 onward but have also reveled in the great wins as well.

    Goooooo Bruins!!!!! Beat SC!