‘Tis the Season to be Jolly — Pete the Cheat’s Seahawks are barred from the Playoffs by his “What’s Your Deal?” nemesis, while his former trojan (and poster boy for alleged Steroid Abuse) Brian Cushing is fined $10,000 for Decking a QB with a dirty hit to the head

Did you hear about the ultra-Conservative, homophobic nutjob who refused to let kids sing “Deck the Halls” because it includes the phrase “don we now our GAY apparel?”  This freak wanted them to re-write the famous carol without the word “gay,” apparently ignorant to the fact that it just means “festive” in this instance.  Well, on Saturday — the night before Christmas — ex-trojan (alleged) cheaters Pete Carroll and Brian Cushing both had the “happy” completely bitch-slapped out of them.  Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks lost a late lead to fall dramatically to Jim Harbaugh’s 49er’s, a loss that blocked the Seahawks from the Postseason.  Meanwhile, Brian Cushing, who had previously been busted for taking steroids, got busted again, this time to the tune of Ten Grand, for an illegal and dangerous hit to Cam Newton’s head and neck area.

Last year, Carroll became the first Coach to win a division with a losing record, due to historically weak competition.  This year, his record was about the same, but it wasn’t good enough to survive the regular season.  On Saturday, Seattle lost to San Francisco 19-17, in front of a stadium full of raucous Seahawk fans.  Once again, they failed to take advantage of one of the League’s best home field advantages, as Pete’s boys finished a dismal 4-4 AT HOME on the year.

What makes this loss even more devastating is that it comes at the hands of Carroll’s ARCH ENEMY Jim Harbaugh.  The two have been bitter rivals since Harbaugh was beating sc while at Stanford, including the infamous “What’s Your Deal?” game, where Harbaugh poured it on the trojans, as PAYBACK for Carroll’s well-known penchant for doing the same.  But Carroll is so clueless, he had to whine to Harbaugh after the game, during their postgame handshake.  Carroll asked “What’s your deal?” to which Harbaugh eloquently, succintly, and appropriately replied “What’s YOUR Deal?”

Harbaugh is now in his first year with the Niners, and not only has he completely turned around and rejuvenated the formerly-moribund organization — which Carroll has failed miserably at doing in TWO years in Seattle — but he also SWEPT Carroll in their two games this season, on his way to the Division Title.  For Carroll to get eliminated from a chance at the Playoffs by his most-hated foe must be a Christmas Nightmare for St. Pete.

And speaking of nightmares, Carroll’s former star player at Fig. Tech, Brian Cushing, is not at all pleased with the NFL’s decision to call him out for his dirty hit on Carolina’s rookie Quarterback in Week 15.  Cushing’s cheap shot at the head and neck area of Cam Newton drew a Personal Foul penalty, and is now going to cost him $10K out of his pocket.  Last year Cushing got busted for banned substances, and was suspended for 4 games.  Other NFL players told the Press that Cushing was a renowned Steroid Freak (as evidenced by his overnight transformation from 98-pound weakling to Mr Olympia while at U$C), so the “banned substance” was assumed to be steroid-related.  But just like a typical trojan, Cushing defied the odds by totally DENYING it.  Thumbing his nose at the verified and indisputable lab results, Cushing claimed to have a rare disease that caused the misinterpreted results.  His appeal of the case was denied, and his suspension was not rescinded.  Apparently, Cushing has learned nothing from that ordeal, because he is once again refusing to acknowledge guilt for a transgression that everyone saw with their own eyes, and he is appealing the fine.  What the hell is $10,000 to a Professional Football player?  He probably got a ton of envelopes from trojan alumni (or Coaches) while he was in school that each contained more cash than that.  So it’s not the money, it’s his reputation?  Whether he wins the appeal or not, it’s not going to change his rep for being a dirty player, who takes vicious shots at vulnerable QB’s that could permanently disable them.  Maybe Cushing was just jealous of the BCS Trophy that Newton earned while at Auburn — Something no trojan — including Pete Carroll — has ever Officially done.


Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas to all non-trojans.  Enjoy the Holiday season, while all the clueless trojans keep complaining about the so-called lenient treatment of Ohio State.  They are all living in a deluded fantasy world, still denying the magnitude of their lack of institutional control, where houses and cars and thousands of dollars in cash payments were being awarded to players, as compared to the Buckeyes trading some trophies for tattoos.  I can’t wait for Penn State to receive lesser penalties than sc did — That should really send the trojans off the deep end.