Finally — Constant penetration into the Defensive Backfield.

UCLA’s O-Line wall is finally opening holes big enough to squirt through, and it’s not too late for a happy ending

When usc got pounded on Thursday by the Beavers, people around the Nation talked about how over-rated the trojans are, and about what a devastating blow the choke would be to their season.  When UCLA went neck-and-neck with Fresno before succumbing on a late fumble, people are talking about how far the Bruins have come — in the right direction.

No one is “happy” with the loss to Fresno, but there is plenty to point to, to support the theory that Norm Chow’s expertise IS getting through to his players.  The Bruin blockers are missing fewer and fewer assignments, and QB Kevin Craft is taking advantage of his legs, and starting to take what the Defense gives him.  The Bruin Receivers made several great catches, and hung onto the ball after hard hits.  And the Kick Returns of Terrence Austin single-handedly gave UCLA the field position edge throughout the game.

The Defense has some work to do to get back to the position of being the team’s STRENGTH, but DeWayne Walker has shown in the past that he can properly motivate a unit, so it is possible that the Bruins could be very competitive as they get back into their Pac-10 schedule next week.  Saturday’s opponent is Washington State, at the Rose Bowl — an extremely good opportunity to leave the 3-game losing streak behind.

In the meantime, here are 24 more photos from the Fresno game and rally, to keep your spirits up.

It’s Ryan, prominently placed, and getting the Red out.

Once again, Craft was NOT the “reason” for the loss.

Austin is better, stronger, and faster than he was before.

Dirty Dogs?

The Bruins are about to break out of their Holding pattern.

Verner is DUE for a Pick 6.

The Bulldogs kept their eyes on the prize.

…and speaking of prizes…

Beauty and the Beast

She will always be one of the “Captains” of my heart!

Hopefully, the Fresno fans will resist temptation, and still LEAVE L.A. and go back home.

On Saturday, you just had to purse your lips and get through it.

Roll up!  Roll up for the Mystery Tour.

Can you feel the heat?

Knee-a-politan, I scream.

The only downside of shade.

Sunny day = Sunny disposition for T-H.  Next game is at night, therefore photos won’t be this sweet.

Don’t put this in the circular file.

A pair of three’s can be a winning hand.

All the Right Moves.

Do you feel the passion?

Click, to bring them even closer.

I love it when the Spirit Squad comes up into the stands!

Crouching Bruin, Hidden Dragon (Hi Heather — I told you the best shots are un-posed!)


4 responses to “GLORY HOLES!”

  1. Robert Avatar

    As always great shots of the prettiest cheerleaders in college. Nice seeing phots of Heather, and also glad her knee is 100% healed. And also I’m glad that Bridgette is back on the squad this year. Can we have more of Heather and Bridgette?

  2. smist Avatar

    This was overall a great game to watch, despite the disappointing ending.

    -Offense looked like it had made progress, Bell returned
    -As always the dance team was looking good
    -Rick’s end game mini-speech
    -An exciting close game to watch

    -The heat and the loss
    -Many from the student section LEAVING when Fresno St. scored that TD at the end of the 3rd quarter. We were losing 36-24 to end the 3rd and I saw tons of people filing out. What gives? Twelve points with a quarter to go is far from being over, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
    -Fresno State’s cheering drowning out UCLA cheering, how is this even possible in a home game?

    C’mon Bruin fans, we gotta be better fans than we’re being if we expect our team to be better.

  3. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    Terrence Austin will get a touchdown this weekend and we’re going to beat the COUGS!!!!!!!!!
    Go Kahlil Go!

  4. UCLADavid Avatar

    The Juice is no longer loose!

    Will they finally take his jersey off the seats?