Demon Deacon defies death in DWI, then decides to transfer to U$C, where the Basketball program was laid to rest decades ago

As if there weren’t ENOUGH criminals playing for the trOJans.

Just when you thought $C had perfected the art of turning their athletes into lawbreakers, they’ve apparently decided that they need to bring in some pre-fab scum.  So now, it looks like they are actually RECRUITING players from the lobby of the bail bonds store.  Last week it was announced that Guard J.T. Terrell, who quit Wake Forest after getting arrested for a DWI last month, will play for Southern Cal in 2012.

You can get excellent tickets now for trojan Basketball from a ticketbroker, if you want to see in person the moribund program that Terrell is joining. You know how some people like to slow down and stare at car accidents? Well, this guy went from potentially causing one on the roadways, to taking part in one for a whole season.

What better place to really fit in?  Not only is the criminal culture embraced by the “We own the Police” trojans, but Head Coach Kevin O’Neill will be able to relate, and help him take those 12 steps from the locker room to the court.  O’Neill got in trouble last year for getting drunk and then fighting with some Arizona fans, so he should be compassionate to Terrell’s plight.  Due to privacy rules, I don’t know if the ex-Demon Deacon’ s demon is actually alcohol, or another intoxicant, like meth, or blow, or maybe just weed, but whatever it is, he’ll fit in nicely at u$c.  It’s just like Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen going to rehab — he’ll be surrounded and supported by many of his own kind.  And if history has told us anything in the Lohan-type cases, you can expect a relapse or two before he ever steps on the court at the Galen Center.

You know how they get Heroin addicts off by substituting methadone?  Do you think replacing Tequila with Steroids will work?  Why would a guy who averaged 11 points a game in the ACC want to come to a Pac-12 cellar-dwellar?  Could it be that no other school in the Country wanted a guy with more baggage than Paris Hilton going on a three-hour tour?  You would think with all the alcoholic Coaches out there, SOMEBODY would have opened their shaky arms to him.  I’m just glad UCLA didn’t pick him up — One arrestee is already too many.  At least Jerime didn’t put innocent lives at risk with his transgression — just his own “career.”



  1. Bill Avatar

    Great website! I have hated U$C for 51 years! Graduated UCLA in ’64 and I still hate those fucking Trojans! Keep the shit on U$C flowing! I love it!!!

  2. dswenson Avatar

    I, too, graduated from UCLA in 1964 and have hated the trOJans all my life, even when I was a little kid. This is a wonderful website and always keeps us informed on the transgressions of the trOJans. GO BRUINS!