Orange is the new Blackwell? — University of Spoiled Children Wide Receiver Victor Blackwell gets arrested for suspicion of Domestic Violence, after his girlfriend says he smashed her computer and phone, punched her in the face repeatedly, and threw a chair at her

It has been a few weeks since the u$c Clown College had been in the news (or the Police Blotter) for anything other than choking against Boston College and choking again against Arizona State, giving up a game-winning Hail Mary on the last play of the game and falling out of the National Rankings.  Well, as of last night, the trojans are back on the TMZ-type news, as Wide Receiver Victor Blackwell was arrested by the LAPD for allegedly beating up a girl.

Following in a long tradition of trojans unleashing violence on helpless women before him, Blackwell finds himself being held on $50,000 bail.  Apparently, an argument with his girlfriend led to him destroying her cell phone and laptop by throwing them on the ground and smashing them.  As if that wasn’t enough to make his point, he punched the woman in the face several times.  Apparently, he’s not a great fighter, because he also resorted to throwing a chair at her.  He couldn’t beat up a girl with his bare hands, so he had to improvise a weapon.  Nice.  Who says they don’t teach students at u$c how to be resourceful?  When she retreated to her bedroom and closed the door on Blackwell, he punched some holes in the door.  Trojans don’t take no for an answer.  Just ask all the trojans who’ve been accused of sexual assault over the years.

Victor had been in the news already this week, because he had gone AWOL on the team, angry over a lack of playing time.  Earlier in the week, Southern Cal removed his name from the Official Roster, and perhaps that final insult forced him into a spiral of depression and anger, leading him to show his true trojan colors, by physically attacking a girl.

It will be interesting to see if the usual trojan Machine of rap-beating and legal acrobatics comes to the defense of a guy who was apparently no longer on the team.  He was still a u$c “student,” whatever that means.  I would be shocked if he had actually attended any classes this month.  So it’s possible Blackwell will be on his own, and may actually do time.

With a name like “Blackwell,” at least in prison he won’t have to worry about making the famous Blackwell Worst Dressed List, since everyone wears the same orange outfit.