FROM 22 TO 18


Jump 4 Joy — UCLA bumps up from #22 to #18 in the College Football Playoff Poll after the victory over former #12 Arizona, and the 4-spot ascension is the second-biggest in the Nation

The Bruins’ hopes for a historic season are not completely off the table yet.  With a 17-7 victory over #12 Arizona Saturday, 7-2 UCLA was elevated 4 positions in the only poll that matters, up to #18.  The 4-rung rise is second only to the 5 places that now-#9 Arizona State rose.  Of course, UCLA obliterated ASU earlier this year, so if ASU loses to #10 Notre Dame this week, they may plummet all the way below UCLA.  And if UCLA can handle the Huskies up in Washington this week (the Bruins are favored by about 5 points, give or take a half-a-point), they will almost certainly bump up again, seeing as #17 Utah plays at #4 Oregon, and #16 LSU plays Alabama.  So that’s at least #15 for UCLA, if they leapfrog ASU, LSU, and Utah (who barely beat UCLA, but would have 3 losses if they lose in Eugene as the 9-point underdogs are expected to).

The only problem is that for the last thirty years or so, every time the Bruins are on a roll and start to climb the ladder, they stumble down a chute.  Coach Mora will have to keep the players hungry and humble — despite their current three-game winning streak — if they are to prevail in Seattle this Saturday.

Speaking of humble (NOT) —

Despite U$C’s big victory on Saturday over WSU in Pullman, the trojans are still absent from the poll.  Your reaction may be:  “Of course, because they have 3 losses already.”  But that logic would be flawed, considering that 6-3 West Virginia is in the Poll at #23.  I guess u$c’s body of work just doesn’t justify their inclusion, even with their A.D. being on the Committee.

Now, speaking of humble (truly), and 22-to-18, that happens to be the description and age range of the UCLA Spirit Squad, and, as promised, here are (45) more photos of the Bruin Cheerleaders from their appearance and performance this past Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

CLICK ON THE PICS to ENLARGE them, and… Stay tuned:  As I have said, I have hundreds more UCLA Cheer shots ready to go (some from the Arizona game, and more from the Oregon game) coming soon.