If you can’t get fired up for UCLA Football Opening Day, your wood is wet.

Q:  What happens when the smoke lifts from Los Angeles?  A:  U.C.L.A.

It’s Official:  UCLA’s opening day game against San Diego State will NOT be cancelled, moved, or postponed.  Due to a dramatic improvement in air quality over the last two days, Officials have declared the Rose Bowl a safe place to hold a Football game on this Saturday.

So no more worrying about Kevin Prince having to pop his cherry in hostile Knoxville.  Instead, Prince will have the luxury of facing a horrible SDSU team in Pasadena when he takes his first official snap as a Bruin.  UCLA is favored by 19, which should tell you plenty about the Aztecs.  However, the spread started at 24, so a majority of the betting has been in favor of SDSU.  Of course, who would bet on a 4-8 team to win a game by 3 Touchdowns?  Could the Aztecs really be THAT bad?

Sure they could.  After all, they have never beaten UCLA — not even IN San Diego.  And they are coming off a bad year too, which forced wholesale changes in the Program.  Now, their growing pains will be UCLA’s launching pad for some renewed confidence and a decent season.  Of course, it didn’t work last year, when the Bruins beat Tennessee on Labor Day in dramatic fashion, but then tanked the rest of the season anyway.

The point is, don’t get too excited if the Bruins kick some ass on Saturday — One game against the Aztecs does not a season make.  Also, don’t be overly complacent — it was only a couple of years ago that SDSU took Michigan all the way down to the wire, IN Ann Arbor.  So, anything can happen.   But at least now, it definitely WILL happen, on Saturday, in the Rose Bowl despite the smoke from the fires.

By the way, in a supreme act of class by UCLA, all Firefighters and their families can attend the first two Home games of the year, FOR FREE.  Damien Thigpen may be YOUR hero after Saturday, but these Firemen should be everyone’s heroes, every day.

 [Added note:  MSN/Fox Sports put out a “Top 10 Most Obnoxious Fan Base” article, and guess what — The only local school to make the list was good ol’ usc.  The trojans are considered the 5th most obnoxious fans in the entire Country.  Of course they are really #1, and knowing those brain surgeons, they will probably claim that they won this poll too.  The article mentions how the whole rest of the Country is just salivating, waiting for the NCAA hammer to fall.  Tick, tick, tick…] 


2 responses to “FIRE UP!”

  1. Jake Avatar

    Blount and the Ducks, give us your opinion!

    Suspension? For how long? Tell us, TH!

    [T-H’s Note: Blount has been suspended for the rest of the season. What sucks is, that I would have done the same thing that Blount did. It’s not easy to turn the other cheek, after a trojan-like ass gets in your face and taunts you — and pokes/shoves you — after an emotional loss on National TV. However, Blount apparently mixed it up with some FANS after the incident, and also, he has had anger management issues PRIOR to last night. Therefore, Oregon didn’t have much choice but to send him packing.]

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    To hell with Blount and the Ducks. GO BRUINS!

    And GO UCLA DANCE TEAM! They were out in force at today’s TD Club breakfast! We are very forutnate they are Bruins and represent all that is UCLA! Bless Them All!