One Foot in The Grove — Dozens of fans were Digging The Grove on Wednesday, as shoppers at the mall were treated to a performance by the UCLA Spirit Squad, and then by the trojans, who proved that the Bruins are an impossible act to follow

Football Season is here, and it kicked off yesterday at The Grove in Los Angeles, as the Pac-12 Network hosted a Spirit Event to get fans all fired up.  It pitted the Bruin Spirit Squad and Band against that of the trojans, and UCLA won the competition hands down.  Bruin fans should enjoy this, since it may be the last time they defeat sc in anything Football-related this year.  Since UCLA does not fill their roster with highly-paid mercenaries blatantly masquerading as students, there is no parity in the Rivalry right now.

The sanctions are not sabotaging the trojan Program the way they were intended to, probably because the big-money boosters are compensating.  Guys like the Regency Advertising sleazeball have allegedly upped the ante and increa$ed the inducement$ to bring highly sought-after recruits in to South Central.  They aren’t coming just to play for the un-respected and unproven Lane Kiffin, and they aren’t coming for the Academics (!), so there must be some other reason why that line-up boasts two of the most productive Wide Receivers in the Country, as well as a stellar Ped State refugee Running Back.  Speaking of Ped State, have you seen the latest Internet Meme?  It goes:  “I’d rather take a shower at Penn St. than root for the trojans.”

I don’t know why anyone thought that the scholarship reductions were going to have a significant effect.  The bottom ten guys on the roster never play anyway, so who cares if the roster is 75 instead of 85?  And if they need to, the boosters can funnel money to a “Walk-On” so that they can get quality players to come without using up a scholarship.  But with the way their recruiting is going, they won’t need to do that.

Because the playing field is still slanted sharply, Bruin fans need to celebrate the small victories, like the Spirit Squad superiority displayed Wednesday at The Grove.  The Bruins were better choreographed, more athletic, better-toned, more in-sync with one another, and of course, better looking (as has been the case for a decade).  The Bruin Band also out-shined their competition.  And to complete the Trifecta, the Bruin FANS also outperformed the trojan fans.  That was an easy victory, just because the trojan fans showed such LOW CLASS.  During the Bruin Cheer performance, sc fans were taunting the Bruin girls, hurling insults and profanities.  When the Bruin fans had a chance to reciprocate, they didn’t.  Instead, they showed respect for the sc Song Girls, even politely applauding after their routines.

The Bruin Spirit contingent consisted of 4 Dance Teamers, 3 Cheer Squad girls, 1 Cheer guy, 1 Yell Team girl, and Joe Bruin.  And not only were they terrific in their performance, but they were also as SWEET and friendly as you could ever want.  And I promise you, it’s not fake — It’s just the way they are.  Mollie’s professional Selection Committee pays very serious attention to PERSONALITY — in addition to beauty, talent, and brains.  And every year, the proof is in the pudding.

Speaking of “sweet,” one of the highlights of the event was the appearance of a UCLA Dance Team Hall of Famer.  Wednesday marked the return of a member of the illustrious “Fab Four” from 2007-8 — Michelle.  Michelle looked absolutely stunning.  There are several pictures of her below, but they just don’t do her justice — She looked even better in person.  Her hair was so silky-smooth, and her skin was flawless and looked so soft.  I swear she looks better now than she did in ’08, and that’s saying a lot.  I actually didn’t recognize her on Wednesday, I guess because she looked so incredibly fresh and youthful.  How could she NOT age at all in 4 years?  BUT… even more important to me than her looks, is just how nice and warm and sweet she is.  Michelle is now a returning Clipper Girl, but the success has obviously NOT gone to her head.   She is still down-to-earth, and she remembers where she got her start.  A Bruin-for-Life, representing us all very well, as do all the current Squadmembers.

Below are 40 photos from the event.  I will have another 40 coming soon, so come back to see the rest.


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    tiana looks even better blonde. our Dance is incomparable.

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