Awestruck in Autumn — Every Fall I fall in love all over again, with the girls of the UCLA Spirit Squad… and I’m sure I’m not the only one

A lot of “readers” of this website tell me they love the Bruin Spirit Squad, and that’s just from seeing my photos.  But if you actually got to meet them, talk to them, or get to know them, chances are you’d fall head over heels.  For many years – with THIS year being no exception – the members of the squad are truly lovable for plenty of reasons BESIDES just their looks.

Every year I am amazed by the humble quality that they exude.  How do you win an intense competition like the UCLA Spirit Auditions and still remain down-to-earth?  It can’t be easy.  But Mollie’s Selection Committee has a knack for choosing girls with the kind of personality that isn’t afflicted by inflated egos upon being chosen.

Add “smarts” to those sweet personas, because they are all good students at a World Class academic institution, and you have a group of girls who are grounded and well-rounded, and just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

If you look deep into their eyes in some of my photos, you can sense a depth and serenity that hints at their inner beauty, but mostly, these 38 pics are all about outer beauty — So enjoy, click to enlarge, and just take my word for it that you are looking at quality individuals, any of whom you’d be lucky to know and love.


6 responses to “FALL-ING IN LOVE”

  1. jp Avatar

    The entire Spirit Squad is great. I’m always so proud when the Dance Team shows up to represent UCLA. They are just awesome!

  2. Bill elwood Avatar

    UCLA Spirit Squad performance rates in the Top 10 !! We are “IN LOVE” with al of the gorgeous Dance Team ladie’s.

  3. Bill elwood Avatar

    P.S. Did we acknowledge that we are UWM Badger fans but ” In-Love ‘ with the Spirit Dance Team ??

  4. UCLADal Avatar


  5. Barnes2Stokes Avatar

    Things are definitly looking up, TH: we have a good quarterback, a competent coaching staff and a great spirit squad. Now if only the Dodgers would score some f**k*n’ runs I’d really be happy!!!