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“Incoming!!” — Saturday was “Bruin Day” at UCLA, an event where incoming Freshmen get to see what this World Class University has to offer, including departments/majors, resources, sports, clubs, entertainment, activism, and best of all, the Spirit Squad

A college the size of UCLA can be intimidating.  For a 17-year old just finishing high school, the massiveness of UCLA can be overwhelming.  So as part of a necessary orientation, UCLA now puts on “Bruin Day,” where these soon-to-be Bruins can get a taste of the campus, and sample some of the opportunities that will be available to them next Fall.

All the different departments, scholastic groups, ethnic groups — even the UCPD and Powell Library — have booths, so that the new students can learn anything they want to know about what’s in store for them.  There was even a booth for “Gamers” — a social group for students who like video games, fantasy games, role-playing games, etc.  Many of these groups were actively “recruiting” new members.  The UCLA Spirit Squad also had a set-up, but the UCLA Spirit Squad is so well-known and prestigious, they don’t have to do very much recruiting.  Hundreds of students come to UCLA already knowing that they are going to audition to be a part of the Country’s elite Spirit Squad.

So even though recruiting was not a huge priority for them, they still made their presence felt at the event.  Along with the UCLA Marching Band — which also doesn’t lack for applicants — the Spirit Squad invigorated the big campus crowd with an energetic performance.  Luckily for everyone reading this, I found out about this performance the night before via the Spirit Squad’s announcement on Facebook.  Because now you get to see 75 photos from the event, including a few from the a capella group and the hip hop dance crew that also performed at the event.

Please enjoy these photos, and come back soon for about 60 more.  Click on the photos to enlarge them, and keep in mind that the auditions for the next version of the squad take place in less than a month, so these could be the very last pictures of some of your favorite girls.  🙁

"EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BE A BRUIN" was published on April 17th, 2016 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Great pictures T-H on a beautiful day in Westwood! I really like the shots of the squads and the band at Janss Steps. Thank you! GO BRUINS!

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